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6500w air cold gasoline engine generator

Low wattage appliances, like hair dryers and microwave ovens, typically consume a smaller amount of power compared to heavier electrical equipment. These appliances can be easily and efficiently powered by a 6500W air cold gasoline engine generator.

Additional fuel tanks (off-the-shelf or custom) can be added to extend the runtime of the generator before refueling.

Upgrade your generator’s control and monitoring capabilities by replacing your existing control panel with one that offers more functionality.

As your generator experts, we can equip your generators with single-phase and three-phase sockets to suit your equipment requirements. We can also add ground fault interrupt protection and special grounding to satisfy local safety regulations.

Electric start generators often come with an ignition switch that uses a key. If the key is lost the generator is out of service. Replacing the ignition switch with a toggle switch eliminates this problem.
In addition, BISON can offer one-wire start/stop circuits that make it easier to wire multiple remote start/stop controls such as in a bucket.


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6500w air cold gasoline engine generator manufacturer

OEM petrol generator now

Another advantage of 6500w air cold gasoline engine generator is their durability and reliability. petrol engines are known for their robust construction and ability to withstand intense use and harsh operating conditions.
BISON adopts advanced manufacturing technology, such as CNC machine tools, automatic production lines, etc., to ensure high precision and high quality of products.

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custom 6500w air cold gasoline engine generator

BISON offers petrol generator OEM services designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a variety of customization options, including:

  1. Generator size
  2. Petrol engine horsepower
  3. Start mode (electric start, recoil start,)
  4. Noise reduction function (sound enclosure)
  5. Package Design
  6. Special sticker & logo design

Wide range of 6500w air cold gasoline engine generator parts

BISON stocks the full range of generator parts you need to keep diesel generators running and can also find most makes and models for you. Our generator parts inventory includes:

Diesel Generator Parts – We carry a large inventory of new and aftermarket parts for all generator brands.

Diesel Generator Maintenance Kits – We offer a full line of maintenance kits to keep your generator running smoothly.

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