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Ricardo gensets

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BISON Corporation, as a leading gensets manufacturer in the industry, provides customers with high-quality Cummins diesel gensets. Our manufacturing services are designed to meet the needs of customers in different industries and provide them with stable and reliable energy solutions. BISON’s Cummins diesel generator set enjoys a high reputation in the world and is the product of choice for customers in many industries.

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Why choose Ricardo Gensets

BISON diesel gensets manufactured by  China Genset Factory are suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as home backup power, commercial facilities, construction sites, field activities, boats, agricultural equipment, etc. The lightweight design and easy handling enable the generator set to perform well in different environments and become a reliable choice for power supply.

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BISON gensets manufactured by ricardo adopt high-quality engine and electrical components to ensure high reliability and long life. Whether it is used for home backup power or commercial applications, it can provide stable power output.

Ricardo Gensets adopts advanced combustion technology and energy management system, which can achieve efficient combustion and energy saving. Compared with other generating sets, it can save fuel consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

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BISON gensets provides a variety of configurations and application solutions to meet the needs of different scenarios. Whether it is used for home emergency backup power supply, commercial applications, field camping, ships and other scenarios, you can find suitable configuration and application solutions.

BISON provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, which can solve various problems encountered by users during use. Whether it is fault repair, replacement of spare parts, upgrade, etc., Ricardo can provide professional and timely services.


Ricardo Diesel Generator Sets Purchasing Guide

BISON as a leading genset manufacturer in the industry, Ricardo Gensets has won the trust and love of customers around the world with its excellent quality and innovative design. Among them, Ricardo generator set series is one of our highlights. With its stable and reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, it has become the preferred power equipment for many engineering projects and enterprises.

Ricardo gensets series adopts the world’s leading technology and exquisite manufacturing process to ensure the excellent performance and long-term durability of the generator set. In addition, this series of generator sets has undergone strict quality control and testing to meet customers’ needs for environmental protection, noise control, and heat dissipation performance.

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The Difference Between Ricardo Genset and Others

Ricardo company is a well-known generator set manufacturer, and its Ricardo gensets series products have good competitiveness in the market.

Some main differences between BISON gensets made by Ricardo and other brand generator sets:

  1. Engine brand: BISON Gensets of adopts Ricardo engine, which is a well-known British engine manufacturer. .
  2. Fuel type: Ricardo gensets mainly use diesel as fuel, while other brands of gensets may provide different types of fuel options, such as gasoline, natural gas or biofuel, etc.
  3. Power range: Ricardo gensets usually cover a power range from 8kVA to 2000kVA, while other brand generator sets may have a wider or narrower power range.
  4. Control system: Ricardo gensets adopts an advanced control system with automatic start, stop and protection functions. The control systems of other brands of gensets may vary in functionality and ease of use.
  5. Accessories and options: Ricardo genres can provide various accessories and options according to user needs, such as mufflers, automatic transfer switches, etc. Other brands of generator sets may offer a different selection of accessories and options.
  6. Price: Ricardo gensets are competitive in price, but there may be differences with other brand gensets. When purchasing, consumers need to compare according to their own budget and needs.
  7.  After-sales service: As a well-known brand, provides comprehensive after-sales service support, including technical support, repair and parts replacement, etc. After sales service for other brands of generator sets may vary in quality and extent.

Generally speaking, it is a very wise decision to choose the Ricardo generator set. Known for their superior performance, reliability and durability, Ricardo generator sets are suitable for a variety of purposes, whether it is home backup power, camping or commercial applications. Ricardo generator sets have various power output and fuel type options to meet the different needs of customers.

In addition, Ricardo also provides excellent after-sales service to ensure that customers get the best support and maintenance during use. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-performance, reliable and durable generator set, Ricardo is your best choice.

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Advantages of Ricardo genset manufacturing

As a well-known genset manufacturer in China, BISON has a series of significant advantages in the industry. Here are a few of them:

  1. Technological innovation: Ricardo has been committed to technological innovation, through continuous research and development and improvement, to provide customers with efficient and reliable generator set products.
  2. Strict quality control: Ricardo company attaches great importance to product quality, and has undergone strict quality inspection from raw material procurement to manufacturing to ensure the performance and stability of each generator set.
  3. Customized service: Ricardo provides customized generator set solutions, and tailors suitable generator set products according to different needs of customers.
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving: During the design and production process of Ricardo generator sets, environmental protection and energy saving factors are fully considered to ensure that the impact on the environment is reduced while meeting customer needs.
  5. Industry experience: BISON has rich industry experience in the field of generator set manufacturing, has cooperated with many well-known enterprises and projects, and accumulated valuable R&D and production experience.
  6. Global vision: BISON has a wide range of partners and sales networks around the world, can quickly respond to changes in the global market and customer needs, and provide customers with timely and thoughtful services.


BISON company focuses on providing users with efficient, stable and reliable energy solutions. Ricardo generator sets are manufactured using advanced technology and strict quality control, which ensures the excellent performance and durability of the products. Ricardo generator sets not only meet various industrial and civil needs, but also commit to green environmental protection and sustainable development. Ricardo provides customers with customized one-stop energy solutions with its excellent R&D capabilities and rich industry experience.

Ricardo genset FAQ lists

For what duration can a diesel generator operate? A sizable backup generator, when provided with a continuous diesel supply, can function for approximately 500 hours prior to the suggestion of permitting it to cool off and undergo inspection.

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