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At BISON Genset manufacturer, we are proud to be the industry-leading generator set manufacturer in China, supplying high quality Cummins diesel generator set engines to our valued dealers. Our diesel generator set manufacturing services in China can meet the diverse needs of customers from all walks of life, providing stable and reliable energy solutions according to their requirements.

As a gensets suppliers, you can rely on the global reputation of Yuchai diesel generator sets, making it the first choice of customers in many industries. We are committed to providing you with superior products and services that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring your success as a reseller and the satisfaction of your customers.

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Types of Yuchai Diesel Gensets

BISON company as a leader in China’s gensets industry, Yuchai gensets company enjoys a high reputation around the world for its excellent quality and professional service.  Yuchai generator set manufacturing service has established a solid reputation in the market for its high-efficiency performance, reliable stability and long-lasting durability. Yuchai carefully builds each generator set to ensure that it can adapt to various harsh environments and application scenarios. Our Yuchai diesel generator set manufacturing service adopts the most advanced technology and strict quality control system to provide you with an unparalleled product experience.

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Performance Yuchai Diesel Gensets

BISON gensets company has always regarded environmental protection and energy saving as the core competitiveness of Yuchai series diesel generator sets. Yuchai diesel generator set achieves high-efficiency combustion and low fuel consumption through precise calculation and optimized design.

In addition, by reducing fuel consumption, optimizing the fuel system, and reducing energy loss, Yuchai generators have achieved energy saving and consumption reduction during operation, saving users a lot of operating costs.

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Perfect Yuchai genset service

BISON has established a complete after-sales service system worldwide to provide users with one-stop solutions. From model selection, purchase, installation to maintenance, Yuchai can provide customers with timely and professional support.

At the same time, Yuchai generators are widely used around the world and enjoy a good reputation, bringing users a worry-free experience. This makes Yuchai generators have strong competitiveness in the global market and have been widely recognized by customers.


Yuchai diesel gensets purchasing guide

BISON genstes is a Chinese enterprise focusing on the manufacturing business of generating sets, adhering to the concept of high quality and innovation to provide customers with excellent products and services. Among the numerous generator set products, Yuchai series diesel generator sets have been launched to provide reliable and efficient power solutions for global customers.

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Advantages of Yuchai series diesel gensets

Features of Yuchai series diesel generator set manufactured by Yuchai:

  1. High-quality raw materials: Yuchai pays attention to the selection of high-quality raw materials when manufacturing generator sets. Yuchai series diesel generator sets adopt advanced Yuchai diesel engine and other high-quality accessories to ensure the overall quality and performance of the generator set.
  2. Innovative design: The Yuchai series diesel generator set made by Yuchai has adopted an innovative design concept, which makes it have the advantages of small size, low noise, low emission and high fuel utilization rate.
  3. Strict quality control: Yuchai carries out strict quality control on the production of Yuchai series diesel generator sets, and strictly controls every link from raw material procurement to production process and factory inspection to ensure the reliability and stability of generator sets.
  4. Perfect after-sales service: Yuchai provides perfect after-sales service for global customers, including product repair, maintenance, technical support, etc., to ensure that customers can get timely and efficient service support in the process of using Yuchai series diesel generator sets.
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excellent performance

Yuchai series diesel generator sets are well received in the market for their excellent performance. This series of generator sets adopts the advanced Yuchai diesel engine, whose high-efficiency combustion and excellent fuel economy make it an ideal choice for both industrial and civil applications. In addition, the noise level of Yuchai series generator sets is relatively low, providing users with a quiet environment for use. The highly automated control system ensures the stable operation of the generator set and provides users with continuous and reliable power supply.

Eco-friendly and durable

Yuchai has always been committed to producing environmentally friendly products, and Yuchai series diesel generator sets are among the best. Adopting low-emission technology, the exhaust emission of Yuchai generator sets complies with international strict environmental protection standards. The durability of this generator set is also impressive, high-quality raw materials and exquisite production technology ensure the long-term stable operation of the generator set, reduce the need for repair and replacement, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users.

Customer customization and complete service

Yuchai company attaches great importance to the needs of customers. In order to meet the power needs of different scenarios, Yuchai series diesel generator sets provide a variety of power specifications for customers to choose from, and can be customized according to specific needs of customers. At the same time, Yuchai also has a complete after-sales service system to provide customers with all-round technical support and guarantee. From product selection, installation and commissioning to daily maintenance, Yuchai professional team will accompany you throughout the process to ensure that customers have no worries during the use of Yuchai series diesel generator sets.

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The Yuchai generator set is a classic high quality generator set with superior manufacturing advantages. Advanced technology and high-quality materials are used in our generator sets to ensure their durability and superior performance. Our manufacturing process and quality control standards are industry-leading and can meet the needs of various application scenarios.

In a word, to choose BISON diesel gensets from China is to choose excellent manufacturing quality and performance. Our generator sets can not only meet your power needs, but also bring more value to your business and life. Join us now and create a better future together!

Yuchai genset FAQ lists

In reality, a generator forms a part of a genset, serving as the device that transforms energy into electric power. On the other hand, a genset functions as the motor propelling the generator, which ultimately powers the equipment.

Gensets are used as backup power in workplaces, homes, businesses and schools, as well as to power equipment such as appliances and construction equipment, and to keep critical systems running during power outages. Gensets are also used in several industries to provide backup power and to keep refrigerated cargo cold during road transport in the absence of shore or ship power.

Generators can produce both AC and DC power, while alternators are typically designed for A/C (alternating current) purposes, which is reflected in their name. Due to the fundamental distinctions in their structures, generators can generate massive amounts of wattage for each kilowatt, making them significantly more powerful.

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