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For nearly 10 years, china-BISON has set the reliability standard. All of our equipment goes through a rigorous registration and inspection program, which will ensure your generator will work when you need it most. We Know You Don’t Cut Corners In Your Business And Neither We. We are confident in providing you and your business with the best in service, quality, reliability and satisfaction.

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bison service

// reliable service

BISON are Qualified & Professional.

It’s easier to work with BISON. Coz we are 24/7 online support. All time zones are friendly.

BISON are always improving and growing:

– Packaging design service

– new product development

– new video & pictures support

– CE certificate & SGS assurance

– marketing research report analysis

– qualtiy provement managment system

// reliable service

We provide

pre sale services

Pre-Sale Services

  1. 360° All-round introduction of products, all questions are highly welcomed.
  2. 24 hours online service, tell us your requirement and we will make our best recommendation for you.
  3. One stop generator parts solution, if do not find the spare parts which you need on our site, free to contact us and we will find it for you!
in sales services

In-Sales Services

  1. Weekly update of production progress.
  2. Providing testing videos, showing the most intuitive vision of quality.
  3. Top-class technical advice with attitude, easy installment.
after sale services

After-Sale Services

  1. Provide installment and maintenance videos , one-to-one instruct services.
  2. Take 100% responsibility within the warranty period.
  3. Maintenance help is available, professional product managers make all your request understandable.
  4. complete after-sales service.
quality control

Quality Control(QC)

BISON generator company survive from the highly competitive market for we are a quality-oriented manufacturer.

Quality is the only approach of surviving continuously. So we have all necessary procedure for every of our products(100% inspection). Before production, during production and pre-ship.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Instrument scanning
  • Durable test of running
  • Air tightness testing

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