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You can rely on our army generators to provide reliable power when you need it.

  • Fuel source flexibility: Our army generators can run on diesel or even military-grade fuel, giving you greater flexibility in the field.
  • Compact and portable: The open frame design makes it easy to lift, stack, and transport, perfect for use on the go.
  • Easy starting: This can be started with a manual recoil starter or an electric starter with a slave connector.
  • Ease of maintenance: The open configuration also makes maintenance easier.
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Travel through sandstorms, blizzards and scorching deserts. No matter where and when you need it, our military generators deliver consistent performance.

Our rugged generators keep your home running smoothly. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and feature automatic safety features to give you peace of mind. Rock-solid construction ensures reliable operation even in the most demanding situations. Widely used to run infrastructure equipment, communications systems and field hospitals.

Plus, they operate relatively quietly, so you won’t be disturbed in your shelter or tent. Choose the perfect size for your current needs.

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BISON offers an array of services and resources to help our customers repair army generators. From detailed guides and articles to free technical advice and 24/7 online service, we work hard to ensure our customers receive all the help and guidance they need to maintain their army generators.

army generator purchasing guide

Imagine a sudden power outage during a critical military operation. Communication channels fell silent, important equipment was paralyzed, and tasks hung in the balance. Electricity is the lifeblood of modern military operations, and reliable backup is critical.

Today, BISON is taking a deep dive into army generators, exploring how they differ from standard models, and showcasing some of our most popular options. Need help choosing the right generator for your needs? BISON’s professional team is here to help you!

what are the advantages of military generators?

Army generators are special types of generators designed for use by the Army in harsh environments. They are rugged and reliable and can operate in extreme temperatures, dust, and other challenging conditions.

Army generators are generally more compact and mobile, so the generator can be easily taken wherever power is needed. They provide critical power for:

  • Field hospital
  • Military camp
  • Communication vehicle
  • Power supply in case of emergency

Things to note before choosing an army generator

there are a few key factors when choosing a generator for the army. how many appliances are you going to try to run on your generator? this will determine the size of the generator you need. consider how you plan to charge your power pack since different energy sources can be used to charge your charging station. the degree of portability must be addressed; the weight of power stations varies by brand and power capacity.

#1 generator capacity

The size of the generator depends on the amount of wattage you want to consume. The power consumption of most appliances is listed on the information label with the model number.

If it doesn’t list wattage but does list amperage and voltage, multiply the amperage by the operating voltage.

To choose the best military generator for home use, make a list of all the equipment you want to run and determine your maximum amplifier power. You will need a generator that can run all your appliances. There should be no problem running something smaller.

#2 Charging options

when purchasing a generator for the army, be aware of what comes with it and what you’ll need to purchase separately.


#3 Upgradeable Options

Another thing to consider when using a military generator at home is whether you want to be able to upgrade the generator. Some can add additional generators in parallel. This will allow for additional power and enable you to run higher powered devices.

#4 Security features

Safety is paramount, so there are a few things you should pay attention to when choosing a generator for your military. It’s best to have a product with built-in safety features to protect against overheating and overload.

Overload protection is also an important safety feature. This stops incoming or outgoing issues before they affect the device or plugged-in device. It prevents the battery from overcharging by disconnecting the power source from which it is charging, thereby preventing excessive current flow. Another overload situation it can avoid is running too much stuff from the power station. It should have a shutdown feature that turns off the device once a certain power level is reached to protect any device plugged into it from low current flow.

custom-designed military generators

BISO has been providing army generator manufacturing and customization services to customers around the world.

With the support of advanced machinery, we have been the major manufacturer and supplier of military generators in China for many years.

We are fully capable of producing unique but less expensive custom military generators. With decades of experience, BISON provides precise and beautiful military generators for your project.

Our team specializes in army generator manufacturing to manufacture high-quality army generators. If you need to buy, please choose BISON as your supplier in China.

about army generator, people also ask

The military often uses soundproof enclosures for generators. These can significantly reduce noise levels, down to about 70 decibels at 25 feet, about the level of a normal conversation.

A bigger generator is not necessarily better, it depends on your needs.

To power basic appliances during an outage, a medium-sized generator (approximately 5,000 watts) is capable of powering basic appliances during an outage and is sufficient to meet the needs of most homes. To run heavy equipment or power an entire house, a larger generator (10,000 watts or more) is needed.

For portability and occasional use, a smaller generator (around 2,000 watts) may be a good choice.

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