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parts & accessories for portable generators

parts and accessories for portable generators

Enhance performance. Maximum convenience. Simplify maintenance. Enhance your generator’s performance with BISON generator manufacturer high-quality parts and accessories. Offering products that maximize convenience and simplify maintenance to provide years of reliable power. Choosing to maintain your equipment with China BISON generator parts manufacturer is the key to performance and reliability.

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Find genuine BISON replacement parts for your portable generator.

Advantages of BISON Portable Generator Accessories

high quality generator

BISON is a generator manufacturer that produces high-quality and cost-effective portable generators. BISON is an expert in the field of power generation equipment in China, providing durable and reliable generators in design and manufacture.

Professional team service

BISON provides you with 24/7 services and solutions according to your needs to help you win the market. Quick quote form will be sent within 5 hours. A professional team will support you throughout the production and delivery process. Solve any problems and difficulties for you!

Strict inspection

BISON has nearly 8 years of experience in the production and wholesale of portable generator accessories. BISON produces almost all common generator accessories and focuses on new models developed every year.

One-stop shopping

BISON provides one-stop purchasing. BISON is a distributor, manufacturer and wholesaler of home, commercial and portable generator accessories. We provide the most professional buying advice and service to ensure you are ready for the storm at any time.

custom made

BISON supports packaging and logo customization, including printed cartons, color boxes, logo silk screen printing, laser, etc. All accessories are made of new materials. We can customize any style that customers like

Support OEM & ODM

BISON is a manufacturer of portable generator accessories, we provide OEM and ODM services to meet the individual needs of different customers.We provide four kinds of OEM service, shell color, apron color, logo and box, which can be customized as required.

Why Choose BISON Portable Generator Accessories

BISON can be your reliable partner. We were established in 2015 and have nearly 8 years of experience in the production and development of diesel generator, gasoline generators and portable generator accessories. Our sales and factory area keep increasing by 50% every year. So far, there are more than 10 CNC finishing machines and more than 20 production lines equipped with online testing machines to manufacture portable generator accessories. BISON pays more attention to the improvement of the skills of employees and engineers, and helps your orders to be successfully completed through regular training.

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Processing Technology of Portable Generator Accessories

All metal parts are machined by precision machining equipment and each piece is fabricated on a CNC machining center with electronic control systems to ensure maximum precision and compliance to specification.

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Inspection of Portable Generator Accessories

Only new material will be accepted. BISON promises not to recycle used materials in mass production. We have strict raw material incoming inspection to ensure product quality to the greatest extent.

5S management is applied in the daily production of the factory, BISON focuses on 100% QC online inspection and sampling. Each assembly line is equipped with pressure and flow testing machines.

Customize Portable Generator Accessories for Your Business

As a diesel generator manufacturer, BISON has rich experience in OEM and ODM.

A professional design team and senior engineers will listen to your needs and combine market information for customization. The whole process was easy and smooth.

Packaging customization: printed carton or colour box 2.Logo
Customization: screen printing, full colour printing, laser, embossing

generator parts

generator parts & accessories purchase guide

The performance and lifespan of generators depends on the parts and accessories you use to maintain them. Having the proper replacement parts on hand is critical to keeping your generator working efficiently. These parts range from carburetor to spark plugs to air filters. We offer an extensive range of generator consumables, parts and accessories to meet all your needs, whether you need to improve your generator or replace a malfunctioning component. Browse the wide range of BISON generators for anything from basic replacement parts to cutting-edge accessories, all of which are readily available.

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Generator Parts and Accessories – Maintenance & Upgrades

In isolated locations without access to electricity or during blackouts, generators are essential for supplying power. It’s critical to keep the proper parts and accessories on hand for them to function properly. Items like air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, oil, and others are included in the list of generator components and accessories. These parts are necessary for both normal upkeep and repairs, ensuring that your generator keeps operating at peak efficiency.

Your generator’s performance and longevity can be enhanced by upgrading it with the appropriate parts and accessories. A fresh fuel filter aids in preventing contamination and boosts fuel efficiency, while a new air filter can improve the engine’s breathing and efficiency. High-quality oil and spark plugs can also support a generator’s general performance.

Having the proper generator parts and accessories on hand is essential for making sure that your generator operates smoothly and efficiently, whether you’re a licenced electrician or a DIY enthusiast. You can simply locate everything you need to keep your generator in peak shape online with the variety of alternatives available. For your particular generator type, you’re sure to discover everything you need, from fundamental parts to cutting-edge modifications.

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Air Filters and Fuel Filters

Two of the most important parts for a generator to operate at its best are the air and fuel filters. To prevent damage to the engine and increase overall efficiency, the air filter is in charge of removing contaminants from the air that enters the engine. Air flow restriction from a clogged or filthy air filter can reduce engine performance and fuel efficiency. The engine can run more smoothly and efficiently if the air filter is replaced on a regular basis.
Similar functions are performed by gasoline filters in removing contaminants from fuel before it enters the engine. Fuel contaminants have the potential to harm engines, clog injectors, and decrease fuel efficiency. A fuel filter aids in avoiding these issues and maintains an efficient engine. The gasoline filter needs to be changed on a regular basis to maintain peak performance and increase generator longevity.
For a generator to operate at its best, both fuel and air filters are necessary. You can maintain the smooth, effective, and efficient operation of your generator by routinely replacing these parts. Having the appropriate filters on hand is essential for making sure that your generator is always ready to use when you need it.

spark plugs

Spark Plugs, Oil, and More 

For the upkeep and repair of generators, spark plugs, oil, and other replacement parts are essential. Spark plugs are crucial for starting and operating the generator as well as for igniting the fuel in the engine. To keep the generator functioning smoothly and effectively, spark plugs may need to be replaced as they become worn over time. Spark plug replacement on a regular basis can help the generator run more efficiently and last longer.

Another important component that aids in lubricating the engine and preventing damage is oil. The engine can operate more smoothly and last longer with frequent oil changes.

To keep the generator operating effectively, additional replacement parts including fuel filters, air filters, and belts may also need to be changed from time to time.

It’s crucial to keep the proper replacement components on available if you want to keep your generator operating smoothly and effectively. Having a well-stocked supply of spark plugs, oil, and other necessary replacement components is vital for promptly and successfully fixing any issues that may develop, whether you’re a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast. You can make sure your generator is always ready when you need it by spending money on high-quality replacement parts.

Upgrade Your Generator

Your generator’s performance, efficiency, and lifespan can all be improved with an upgrade. Online retailers offer a large variety of parts and accessories to support your achievement of these objectives. You can quickly locate everything you need to update your generator, from superior air filters to cutting-edge spark plugs. Finding the ideal upgrades for your particular generator model is simple when you have access to a large range of generator accessories and components online, regardless of whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician. Invest in high-quality parts and accessories to keep your generator operating efficiently for many years to come.

bison generator parts and accessories

Generator Parts & Accessories Buying Guide

To ensure that your generator operates smoothly and efficiently, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate parts when purchasing generator parts and accessories. There are a few important aspects to take into account when making your purchase, regardless of whether you’re wanting to maintain your generator, carry out routine maintenance, or improve its performance.

Compatibility: Make sure the parts and accessories you select are appropriate for the model of generator that you have. To make sure you’re picking the appropriate parts, take into account the size, type, and manufacturer’s specs of your generator.

Quality: To ensure that your generator operates smoothly and efficiently, spend money on high-quality parts and accessories. Look for components that are built to last and that adhere to or even exceed industry standards.

Price: When making a purchase, take your budget into account. Finding a balance between price and quality is just as crucial as making investments in high-quality parts.

Brand standing: To obtain the best value for your money, get components from trusted companies. To identify the best solutions, investigate the brand’s reputation, check user reviews, and compare costs.

Availability: Confirm that the parts and accessories you require are on hand and in stock. To make sure you can obtain what you need when you need it, think about placing an order from a reputable online merchant or verifying with a local source.

bison parts

To ensure that your generator operates efficiently and smoothly, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate parts and accessories. When making your purchase, take into account compatibility, quality, price, brand reputation, and availability. Invest in high-quality parts to keep your generator operating effectively for years to come.


Generator parts and accessories are essential for the effective and dependable operation of generators. These parts all work together to keep generators working properly, including transfer switches, voltage regulators, exhaust systems, and air, spark plug, and oil filters. To prevent expensive breakdowns and preserve the longevity of your generator, it is crucial to select high-quality generator components and accessories. Your generator’s performance can be enhanced by routine maintenance and the replacement of worn-out components. Make sure to acquaint yourself with the many components and accessories available and pick those that match your unique demands and requirements if you want to get the most out of your investment in a generator.

generator parts & accessories FAQ lists

Generator maintenance is the process of regularly checking and servicing your generator to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently. This includes tasks such as checking oil levels, tightening belts, and replacing air filters and spark plugs. Regular generator maintenance is important for improving performance, extending the lifespan of the generator, and avoiding costly repairs.

To find the right replacement parts for your generator, consider the model and size of your generator, as well as the manufacturer’s specifications. Research reputable brands and compare prices to find high-quality components that meet your needs. You can also check with a local supplier or order online from a reliable retailer.

Common upgrades for generators include adding a muffler for quieter operation, installing a larger fuel tank for longer run times, and upgrading to a digital control panel for improved monitoring and control. Other upgrades may include adding an automatic transfer switch, installing a generator battery, or adding a weather-proof cover for protection.

The frequency at which you should replace the air filters and spark plugs on your generator will depend on factors such as usage, environment, and the manufacturer’s specifications. As a general rule, air filters should be checked and replaced at least once a year, while spark plugs may need to be replaced every 100-200 hours of use.

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