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BISON have 10-500 kva gensets, please click on the type you are interested in to select the gensets.

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why choose BISON

why choose BISON

diesel gnsets factory
we have reliable partners
We’ve secured authorization from numerous top-tier engine and alterantor brands, guaranteeing premium power solutions.
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dependable after-sales support
We’ve secured authorization from numerous top-tier engine and alterantor brands, guaranteeing premium power solutions.
2 years warranty
10+ global after-sales service locations
continuous spare parts supply

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

A genset is an entire installation that provides electrical power, such as an independent power station. Inside the generator set, the key player is the generator. This is the part that takes mechanical energy (usually from an engine) and converts it into usable electrical energy. Therefore, the generator is a key component of the gen set.

Learn more: Genset vs Generator: Which Is Right For Your Needs?

As a professional genset manufacturer, BISON has many types of gensets to choose from, including portable, backup, mains, open and enclosed, single-phase and three-phase, low power and high power, soundproof and weatherproof , mobile and various other customizable options.

At BISON’s genset manufacturing facility, every stage of production adheres to a strict quality control process. From the selection of quality components to rigorous testing procedures, reliability and quality are our top priority.

BISON gensets are thoroughly performance tested to ensure they meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

Yes, as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer comprehensive maintenance services and after-sales support for our gensets. Our team of skilled technicians are always available to resolve any questions or issues you may have.

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gensets purchase guide

gensets purchase guide

Discover the power and reliability of BISON gensets manufacturers! Our genset provide efficient and reliable energy solutions for a variety of applications. From backup power solutions to primary power in remote locations, trust our durable genset and easy-to-maintain diesel generator sets to meet your power generation needs.


How powerful should the genset be?

The key to sizing a generator set is to understand the equipment you will be running and its power requirements. Not just the power they normally use (nominal power), but also the surge required to start (peak power). This is especially true for electric motors, which consume three times more power when starting. Your generator needs to handle the combined peak power of all the equipment that may be coming on at the same time.

For simple appliances such as lamps, televisions and small electronics (mostly resistive loads), adding a 30% buffer to its nominal power when sizing a generator is sufficient. But for equipment with motors (inductive loads), you need to multiply its nominal power by 3 to account for the starting surge.

Here’s the technical gist: Three-phase genset measure power in kVA (apparent power), while single-phase and DC genset use kW (active power). This difference (kVA vs. kW) is caused by a characteristic of electricity called power factor (cos φ). To find the true power output (kW) of a three-phase generator, multiply its kVA rating by cos φ (usually about 0.8).

Generator manufacturers usually specify two power ratings: continuous power for normal use and maximum power for short-term overload (usually about 20% higher than continuous power).

what type of genset to choose?

As we delve into the keys to choosing the ideal generator set, one major aspect to consider is the variety of generator sets available. Based on the fuel type, they can be broadly classified into diesel, petrol, natural gas, and hybrid genset. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Diesel Generator Sets: Diesel generator sets are praised for their durability, long life, and greater fuel efficiency. They have high power output, making them a suitable choice for commercial or industrial use.

Gasoline Generator Sets: Gasoline generator sets excel in convenience, availability, and relatively cheap upfront costs. They are lighter, making them a more portable solution, especially suitable for occasional use, camping or small workshop settings.

Natural Gas Generator Sets: These genset run on the same supply line as your home or business’s natural gas, providing unparalleled convenience. They are quieter and produce cleaner emissions than diesel or gasoline generator sets.

key factors to consider before installing a generator set

choosing the right genset: factors to consider

Choosing the right generator set involves more than just understanding the different types and sizes available. It requires a detailed understanding of your unique power requirements and the environment in which your generator will operate. Here, we’ll guide you through the basic factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect generator set.


Generator sets are available in a variety of sizes and movement options. The most compact ones are usually portable and weigh around 20kg. Mobile genset are larger and have wheels, making them easier to maneuver. For high power needs, portable models are available. Their structural design can be moved with a forklift or placed inside a container for transportation. Finally, the largest and most powerful generator sets are stationary generator sets, intended for permanent installation.

start the system

Generator sets typically use one of two primary starting systems: electric or recoil starting.

Recoil starter generator sets use a pull-cord mechanism, and while this may require more physical effort, it does not rely on batteries and therefore is more reliable in some situations. We do not recommend this type if you must use your generator set regularly.

Most of the more powerful generator sets will come with an electric starter that is connected to the battery. The advantage of an electric start generator set is that it is easier to start, often with just the push of a button.

single phase or three phase

This refers to the type of electrical service the generator will provide. Single-phase genset are generally suitable for homes and small businesses with lower power needs. In contrast, three-phase genset can accommodate higher power loads and are suitable for industrial or commercial environments with high power consumption.

air or water cooling

Air-cooled genset are low-cost and simple in design, making them suitable for smaller, less commonly used equipment. Water-cooled genset, on the other hand, are more complex and costly, and are typically used in larger, more frequently used equipment because they are able to handle longer durations and higher power outputs.

Other important features to consider:

  • Voltage Regulation System: A good voltage regulation system helps protect sensitive electronics from voltage spikes and fluctuations, ensuring smooth, “clean” power.
  • Noise: Large genset can be very noisy, up to 100 decibels (dBA). If noise is a concern, consider purchasing a soundproof model for quieter operation.
  • Transfer Switch: Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) automatically start the generator when a power outage is detected and allow for smoother transfers during emergencies.
  • Inverter technology: In addition to reducing noise levels, this technology also makes the generator more energy efficient and allows it to run at different speeds depending on the load, providing “cleaner” power to sensitive electronic equipment.
large silent diesel generator set


There are obviously many factors and considerations to consider when it comes to finding the perfect generator set to suit your needs

First, figure out how much power the device you want to connect requires. This will help determine the capacity of the generator set. Next, do you need a mobile generator set for mobile use, or a stationary generator in a fixed location. Next is the type of engine. Gasoline engines are suitable for small compact generator sets, while diesel engines are suitable for large industrial generator sets. You may also consider these engine options if you have access to natural gas and prioritize affordability and lower emissions. Finally, consider voltage regulation. This feature stabilizes power output and protects any sensitive electronics you plan to connect to the generator.

reliable energy solutions for gensets

Discover the power and reliability of BISON generator set manufacturers! Our genset provide efficient and reliable energy solutions for a variety of applications. From backup power solutions to primary power in remote locations, trust our durable genset and easy-to-maintain generator sets to meet your power generation needs.

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