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BISON boat generators are the perfect choice for ongoing power needs, offering safety and quality. All models are available with single-phase or three-phase inputs and can optionally be equipped with acoustic enclosures.

As China’s leading boat generator suppliers, our boat generators are compact, reliable, quiet, and durable. You can discover the many possibilities we offer, such as synchronization of parallel operations. Various models come with type approval certification.


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BISON manufactures generators for recreational and professional watercraft and can be customized to meet customer needs. All of our boat generators are high-performance and provide power consistently and safely.

Available with or without canopy and with various configuration options such as synchronization for parallel operation.

In addition, our manufacturing facilities offer a range of type-approved models to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

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BISON offers a range of services and resources to help our customers repair their boat generators. From detailed guides and articles to free technical advice and 24/7 online service, we work hard to ensure our customers receive all the help and guidance they need to maintain their boat generators.

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what is a boat generator?

The main function of a boat generator is to provide power to the equipment on the ship. boat batteries alone cannot power demanding boat appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, televisions, and various kitchen appliances. Therefore, boat generators become very important.

Like other generators, boat generators run on diesel or gasoline. Can be used as a backup power source or to provide power when the vessel is not connected to shore power. To mitigate noise and vibration, they are usually installed in engine rooms or similar enclosed areas.

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why do you need a boat generator?

Experience home-like comforts on your boat

 If you’re contemplating a days-long boating excursion, boat generators provide peace of mind. They allow you to engage in activities like viewing films, preparing your preferred dishes on an electric stove, warming up pre-packed meals in a microwave, and savoring chilled beverages from your compact refrigerator.

Serve as a reserve power source

There may be times when boat batteries encounter issues. In such scenarios, an emergency generator can significantly contribute as a backup power supply for your boat, preventing undesirable situations such as being marooned at sea.

how to choose the right generator for boat?

Generators play a vital role in your boat’s power system, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of home while sailing or spending time on the water. However, generators are suitable for almost any boat. But only some choices are correct.

how many kilowatts do you need?

Central to your decision is understanding your vessel’s power needs. Make a list of all your appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators and navigation equipment. Look for the wattage rating of each item, usually found on the label or manual. Add these wattages together to determine your total wattage requirement.

Remember, it’s wise to consider a 20% buffer for future increases or unexpected surges. This extra headroom ensures that your generator is not overworked and operates smoothly.

what about an inverter?

Installing a generator set for your boat is expensive and complicated. On the other hand, the cost of installing an inverter is relatively much lower, and installation is also easy.

An inverter can come in handy whether you have a generator set on board or not. It allows you to run low-wattage appliances, such as charging devices or watching TV, without starting the generator. An inverter can be handy if your power needs are not high.

Although the generator set was equipped with an additional engine, there were frequent oil changes as well as weight and space issues. However, if properly maintained, a generator set can make your boating experience feel like home.


what about the alternator?

Alternating current uses high voltage to transmit power over long distances and becomes the main current for power distribution. Many appliances today use alternating current. Those devices that run on DC power have internal transformers that convert AC power into DC power.

However, let’s say your sole purpose in purchasing a boat generator is to charge your batteries, not to distribute it among many appliances. In this case, it makes more sense to have a small portable DC generator.

diesel vs petrol?

Although requiring minimal maintenance, diesel generators have a long life and are highly efficient. On the downside, these devices can be very expensive and noisy. Additionally, diesel generators are associated with environmental issues.

In contrast, gasoline generators are readily available, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The gasoline generator also runs quietly. Additionally, gasoline can be explosive, so generators are required to not produce sparks.

Despite all these advantages and disadvantages, BISON recommends that the generator you choose must match your boat’s engine’s primary fuel.

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BISON hopes this article has given you enough insight and helped you decide which type of genset is best for your boat.

BISON provides generator manufacturing services for all types of ships in various industries. We have been experts in boat generator & genset manufacturing in China for many years. With the support of advanced machines. BISON manufactures reliable and durable boat generators for your project.

We can manufacture different boat generator accessories with excellent precision. All final products can be designed according to your requirements. We are fully capable of producing unique but less expensive custom boat generators.

about boat generator, people also ask

Most recreational boats over 28 feet (8.53 meters) in length, as well as workboats of all sizes, are equipped with a boat generator to provide power for various boat systems and accessories.

While not strictly necessary, a boat’s generator is very handy if the main engine goes out or shore power is unavailable. It can be an effective way to save battery power and uses much less fuel than the main engine.

In order to enjoy a long stay on board, maximizing power is crucial.

Maintaining home-like comfort for extended periods on the water requires more power than a typical battery unit can provide. However, integrating a generator into the system ensures a stable and reliable power supply.

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