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BISON have 1- 20 kw petrol generator, please choose the output power and appearance you like
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power life from here

power life from here

petrol generator for home use (0.6-3.5 KW)

petrol generator for power tools (5.0-8.0 KW)

petrol generator for commercial use (9.0-20.0 KW)

why choose
BISON petrol generator

why choose
BISON petrol generator

powerful engine
powerful engine
Eco-power precision: unleashing energy efficiency, redefining environmental responsibility.
comply with euro v emissions
enhanced air intake system
efficient alternator
efficient alternator
Empowering every watt: empowering your life with robust power output.
100% cooper & real power
adaptive voltage regulation
corrosion-resistant coating
durable parts

durable parts

Your generator’s backbone: ensuring your petrol generator endures the test of time.
100% test before production
high-temperature endurance

sustainable solutions

sustainable solutions

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

BISON’s petrol generators typically come with a range of safety features to ensure smooth operation and protect the user. Depending on the model, we welcome OEM & ODM orders to customize your unique petrol generator! Some common safety features include:
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Overload protection
  • Spark arrestor
  • Circuit breaker
  • AVR
  • Fuel gauge
  • Sturdy construction and enclosures
  • GFCI
  • ……
Of course! Most BISON petrol generators are equipped with a low oil shutdown feature. When the oil level drops below a safe threshold, the low oil shutdown automatically shuts down the generator to prevent the engine from running without proper lubrication.
Petrol engines convert petrol’s chemical energy into mechanical energy. The engine’s mechanical energy is then used to power a moving part known as the rotor, creating a moving magnetic field around a stationary part known as the stator. This process generates electricity by creating a voltage difference between the stator windings.
Petrol generators are typically more compact and lighter than diesel or propane generators, making them easier to transport and operate. Petrol is widely available and it is easy for users to find the fuel needed for their generators, whether at a gas station or in a portable fuel container.

BISON is also a manufacturers of generator components, offering top quality and reliability from one stop. We are experts in redefining excellence in generator parts manufacturing. Our commitment to precision engineering and unrivaled durability makes us the first choice for customers seeking reliable, efficient generator parts.

From ordering individual parts to comprehensive solutions, we’ve got you covered. Experience the power of seamless performance with our exceptional line of generator parts.

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petrol generator purchase guide

petrol generator purchase guide

The popularity of petrol generators has surged in recent years, a trend fueled by their compact design, portability, and an attractive price-performance ratio. Modern petrol generators are reliable, easy to use, and designed to cater to various power requirements, making them a preferred choice for a wide spectrum of users. From a humble backyard party to a bustling food truck, or from a remote campsite to a sophisticated outdoor event, petrol generators’ relevance and adaptability have truly diversified.

However, buying a petrol generator should never be an impulsive decision. Key considerations such as power capacity, fuel efficiency, noise levels, and maintenance requirements, among others, can greatly impact user satisfaction and the generator’s lifetime utility.

BISON aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge to make an informed purchasing decision by selecting the most appropriate petrol generator for your needs. Fasten your seatbelts as we delve into the intricacies of petrol generators with the aim of shedding light on this often overlooked, yet vital piece of equipment.

bison petrol generator

types of petrol generators

As a professional petrol generator manufacturers, BISON provides a series of petrol generators according to different needs and requirements. Overall, our products are categorized into two types: portable petrol generators and petrol inverter generators, each with unique features suitable for different applications.

Whether it’s a portable powerhouse or a sophisticated inverter generator, BISON prides itself in offering petrol generators that harmonize power, portability, and convenience.

portable petrol generators

BISON portable petrol generators are best known for their convenience, compactness, and power. Designed to be a mobile power source, these generators are perfect for on-the-go applications, such as camping trips, RV traveling, job sites, and emergencies. Thanks to their sizeable fuel tanks and robust engines, these units can run high-wattage appliances for hours, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Portable petrol generators from China BISON are characterized by their durable construction, intuitive control panels, and consistent power output. With features like easy-start mechanisms, overload protection, and well-organized interfaces, our generators are designed for hassle-free operation.

petrol inverter generators

On the other end of the spectrum, BISON have petrol inverter generators. These powerhouses are often the go-to choice for those seeking quieter performance, improved fuel efficiency, and clean power output that’s safe for sensitive electronics. Inverter generators employ advanced technology to produce power equivalent to commercial electricity, making them ideal for music events, food trucks, and home backup power, where the continuity and quality of power are crucial.

BISON line of petrol inverter generators offers varying power outputs to accommodate different power needs. The smart throttle technology used in these machines adapts the engine speed to the power demand, helping to conserve fuel and reduce noise.

gasoline generators placed on the ground

choosing the right petrol generator

Finding the best petrol generator involves careful consideration of various features that can make a noticeable difference in operational efficiency and convenience. Let’s dive into the core aspects you should ponder before making a purchase decision.

power output

Determine your power requirements by identifying the critical appliances you wish to power simultaneously in the event of a power outage or accident. Generators should be sized and have a power output that meets these requirements.

fuel efficiency and tank size

Fuel efficiency directly impacts operational costs and run-time. Choose a generator with a good fuel consumption rate, complemented by a suitably sized fuel tank for prolonged use. Inverter generators often shine here, as their engines adjust speed based on load, optimizing fuel consumption.

Weight and Portability

If you need a generator for camping, tailgating, or construction sites, portability is key. Consider models with handles and wheels for easy maneuverability. The weight of the generator should be manageable and suitable for your particular use case.

Noise Level

Noise can cause discomfort, especially in residential areas or quiet environments. Petrol generators do create some noise, but many modern models come equipped with sound-dampening technology to mitigate this. Look for a generator with a lower decibel rating for quieter operation.

generator size and storage

A handy generator should fit into your available storage space comfortably. Evaluate the generator’s dimensions to ensure easy storage during idle times, especially in space-restricted areas like RVs or apartments.

Safety Features

Fuel type notwithstanding, safety should never be compromised. Essential safety features include an automatic shut-off (in cases of overload or low oil levels), circuit breakers, and spark arrestors, which prevent sparks that can start fires.

additional features

For added convenience, consider models that offer electric start options, inverter technology for ‘clean’ electricity, eligible for delicate electronic devices, and multiple power outlets for versatile use. Other useful features may include fuel gauges, digital displays for real-time monitoring, or even remote start features for effortless operation.

single-phase or three-phase

Single-phase petrol generators are suitable for most residential applications and provide power for common household appliances.

Three-phase petrol generators, on the other hand, are much more powerful and are usually used for industrial or commercial applications involving heavy machinery or large equipment.

Consider the power requirements of your equipment and choose accordingly.


Choosing the perfect petrol generator can be a meticulous process, and one that doesn’t end at the time of purchase.

At BISON, we are ready to guide you further. As a specialized manufacturers and suppliers of gasoline generators, our team has a wealth of expertise and is committed to ensuring you have a satisfying experience.

Our consultative involvement doesn’t stop with the completion of the sale; in fact, we see it as the beginning of a relationship built on trust, guidance and support.

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