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How long can a power generator run continuously?

Portable generators run for shorter periods (6-18 hours) and can last 2,000 hours. Use them on motorhomes or in emergencies to power household appliances

can you use red diesel in a generator?

BISON will analyze in depth the key issues of fuel selection for diesel generators, clarifying ideas and considering the environmental impact of red diesel.
How to clean a spark plug

how to clean a spark plug?

BISON will walk you through the process step by step, explaining the importance of keeping your spark plugs clean, identifying the signs of a dirty ...

safe using of lpg generators: user’s guide

BISON will delve into our thorough guide on the safe use of LPG generators. From installation and operation to key considerations in emergencies.

converting your generator to LPG: comprehensive guide

LPG is used as an alternative fuel source. BISON will reveal why so many people are starting to use LPG and how to convert your ...

how to secure a generator while camping?

Generators in your campsite or RV can be secured with cables, chains, alarms, and bolt-on mounts. You can mount the generator to a unique rack, ...
how to convert a pull start generator to electric start

how to convert a pull start generator to electric start

BISON will provide detailed guidance on the conversion process by delving into the key factors to consider when considering making the switch.
How to wire a 3 phase generator for single phase-2

How to wire a 3 phase generator for single phase

BISON will guide you through the process of connecting a three-phase generator to a single phase. Covers the basics and detailed instructions of the conversion ...
How to charge battery with generator

How to charge battery with generator?

This guide is tailor-made for you. In it, BISON delve into the basics of battery charging and explore how to effectively charge your battery with ...
what is generator THD

what is generator THD?

BISON will take an in-depth look at the concept of THD and its impact on generator performance and electronic equipment to ensure optimal power quality. ...
comprehensive guide to safely transporting your generator

comprehensive guide to safely transporting your generator

From pre-transportation preparations to safety precautions during generator transportation, BISON offers you a comprehensive and detailed guide.
mastering portable generator safety comprehensive guide

mastering portable generator safety: comprehensive guide

You'll not only have a comprehensive understanding of portable generator safety but also the confidence to operate one without fear of potential hazards.
Everything about types of piston rings Ultimate Guide

everything about types of piston rings: Ultimate Guide

In the realm of engine components, three primary types of piston rings are frequently employed - the compression ring, wiper ring, and oil ring.

how to make portable generator power clean

Learn how to turn your portable generator into clean energy.BISON's Clean Generator Power Guide offers several ways to clean the dirty spots on your generator!
how to store fuel for generators safely

how to store fuel for generators safely

BISON delves into the intricacies of safe fuel storage for generators. We will guide you through the do's and don'ts, the potential hazards
how to ground a portable generator

how to ground a portable generator?

By following the step-by- step guide provided in this article, you can generator properly ground your generator and significantly enhance safety measures.

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