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A generator connecting rod is an essential part of an internal combustion engine that joins the piston to the crankshaft. To handle the high stress conditions, connecting rod strength is necessary.

BISON Connecting Rod have:

Whether you’re looking for Connecting Rod/generator parts and accessories or components for a complete engine rebuild, we have the parts you need. Our full range of original parts is always available for fast and timely delivery. So if you need to buy generator parts, you can rely on BISON!

role of the connecting rod

As BISON Generator Accessories & Parts Manufacturers, we understand the importance of a reliable and durable connecting rod for your generator. The generator connecting rod, also known as an engine connecting rod or a piston connecting rod, plays a vital role in converting the linear movement of the pistons into a rotary motion that powers the generator and connects the piston to the crankshaft.

Given the extreme stress conditions that a functioning engine experiences, it is essential for the generator’s connecting rod to be robust and long-lasting. That’s why choosing a high-stress connecting rod with superior strength and the ability to provide consistent performance is of utmost importance. Trust BISON’s expertise in delivering top-quality generator connecting rods to enhance your generator’s efficiency and reliability.

generator connecting rod: a key component

An important part of an internal combustion engine that connects the pistons to the crankshaft is the generator connecting rod. Its main job is to convert the linear motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the crankshaft to power the generator.

  • BISON connecting rods are strong enough to withstand the enormous strains and stresses that occur when the engine is running. Reduces friction and improves engine performance.
  • light weight. The performance and function of a connecting rod is significantly affected by its design.
  • Very resistant to bending and twisting, with even weight distribution.
  • Exact size.

Benefits of using BISON generator connecting rod

Generator connecting rod, also known as crosshead, is an important part of diesel generator. The function of this part is to transfer power from the crankshaft to the pistons.

It is made of high-quality steel and heat-treated for strength and durability. It has an anti-wear and anti-corrosion design, which means you can use it for a long time.

Benefits of using BISON generator connecting rod:

  • short lead time
  • you can get it at a good price
  • Easy to install on your vehicle
Connecting Rod

The Importance of Generator Connecting Rods

Engine failure or decreased performance might result from a connecting rod composed of inferior materials or with a poorly planned shape. from sturdy materials and built to endure the intense pressure and stress produced when an engine is running.

Furthermore, utilizing a high-quality connecting rod can lessen the possibility of pricey repairs and downtime.

Connecting Rod Purchasing Guide

The performance and longevity of your internal combustion engine can be affected by your choice of connecting rod for a generator. Here is a buying guide for connecting rods for generators to assist you in making an informed decision.

BISON is a well-known manufacturer of generator accessories, one of the important business areas is the production of generator connecting rods. Known for their high quality and precision manufacturing, they offer connecting rods for all types and sizes of generators.

BISON’s generator connecting rod manufacturing business began at the beginning of the company’s establishment. Years of experience have enabled them to accumulate rich expertise and technology in this field. Their linkages are designed to be robust and perform well in a variety of harsh environments.

In addition, BISON also pays great attention to product innovation and technology upgrading. Their research and development team is constantly exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques to improve the performance and durability of connecting rods. At the same time, they also provide customized services, which can design and produce connecting rods according to customers’ specific needs.

Material Quality

When selecting a connecting rod for a generator, material quality should be taken into account initially. To guarantee that the connecting rod is sturdy and long-lasting enough to survive the high levels of stress and pressure generated during engine running, premium materials like steel alloys, aluminum, or titanium should be utilized.


The connecting rod’s design is crucial since it impacts how well it performs and functions. A well-designed connecting rod must be very resistant to bending and twisting, have an even weight distribution, and be precisely dimensioned.


The connecting rod’s weight must also be taken into account because it has an impact on the performance and efficiency of the engine. A stronger connecting rod can aid in absorbing the tension produced during engine running, while a lighter connecting rod will minimize friction and increase engine efficiency.

Brand Reputation

Pick a generator connecting rod from a dependable accessories supplier who has a track record of creating components of the highest caliber and dependability.


Lastly, think about the generator connecting rod’s price. While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest choice, spending more money on a high-quality connecting rod can have long-term advantages and help your internal combustion engine last longer.

You may choose a generator connecting rod for your internal combustion engine with confidence if you take these criteria into account. Purchasing a high-quality connecting rod will provide you dependable performance and help your engine last longer.

BISON Generator Connecting Rod manufacturer

BISON company’s generator connecting rod manufacturing business is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services, and their professional knowledge and technical strength make them stand out in this industry.

Connecting Rod FAQ lists

BISON generator connecting rods are made of high quality materials such as steel alloys, aluminum or titanium to ensure their strength and durability to withstand the high levels of stress and pressure generated during engine operation.

Factors to consider when selecting a generator connecting rod for an internal combustion engine include material quality, design, weight, brand reputation and cost. Investing in high-quality connecting rods will provide reliable performance and help extend the life of your engine.

The weight of the generator connecting rod will affect the engine performance, a lighter connecting rod can reduce friction and improve engine efficiency, while a heavier connecting rod can help absorb the stress generated during the operation of the engine.

It is very important to choose a high quality generator connecting rod to ensure the best engine performance and life. Connecting rods made of substandard materials or poorly designed can cause engine failure or poor performance. High-quality connecting rods will provide reliable performance and help extend the life of your internal combustion engine.

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