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recoil starter assembly for gas generator

BISON recoil starters have

Whether you’re looking for recoil starter/generator parts and accessories or components for a complete engine rebuild, we have the parts you need. Our full range of original parts is always available for fast and timely delivery. So if you need to buy generator parts, you can rely on BISON!

Recoil starter components

Recoil stater allow users to start the engine manually. It’s combined with start rope, reel, spring, fly wheel and ignition modules. All these parts work together to spin the crankshaft and fly wheel fast enough to ignite. When check the start parts, you must turn the ignition switch off, take the key and spark plug out, and ground the ignition wire to prevent electric shock.

recoil starter rope

recoil starter rope

It’s placed on the handle of gas generator or engine, allow users to reach the start system. When user pulls the rope, the rope engages the starting mechanism and spins the engine fast enough to generate a spark from the ignition module to ignite the fuel in the cylinder. This starter rope is wrapped around a recoil starter system that pulls out and automatically springs back into the engine.

Solid nylon material to ensure that the rope is strong and durable, not easy to pull off. The length is between 1.35M and 1.4M, which could meet the needs of most machines, but you could modified the length you need.

The rope of BISON recoil starter is white, still other color is available. The advanced technology of BISON recoil starter rope makes the surface smooth, and also provide much better durability and heat resistance than the industrial.

Recoil start spring

The role of the spring is to pull the start rope retracted into the housing.When the starter rope is pulled from the recoil starter and out of the engine, the reentry spring extends. When the operator releases the rope, the recoil spring springs back and the rope recoils onto the reel. This allows the operator to keep pulling on the rope to move the engine faster and faster toward combustion.

Those things might cause a shut down of recoil starter

  • – The tension spring may move out of position in the sleeve and simply need to be readjusted.
  • – The tension spring may break.
  • – The casing holding the spring in place may break.

The spring is made of Superior Quality, make it durable and corrosion – resistant

recoil start spring
recoil start handle

recoil start handle

The handle is connected to the end of rope, user hold the handle to pull the rope to drive the recoil starter to start properly. Due to the direct contact with the operator, there are requirements for material and shape, stronger material and smoother shape is better for the recoil starter handle.

BISON’s recoil starter handle is made of PVC plastic material, which is strong and not easily deformed and has a long service life. Smoothly polished and burr-free to protect the operator’s hands, each handle measures approximately 7 cm long, which meets the operating requirements of most people and makes it easier for the operator to start the machine.

recoil start wheel

The recoil starter pull rope is wrapped around the recoil starter wheel and the operator pulls the rope to turn the wheel, thus driving the recoil starter to start properly. BISON therefore recommends that you purchase a recoil starter wheel made of strong materials.

BISON’s recoil starter wheel is made of high quality nylon, which is strong and durable. The colors are camel/black, and other colors can be customized.

recoil start wheel
recoil start housing

Recoil start housing

The recoil starter housing wraps and protects the entire recoil starter. When selecting , you need to pay attention to the center hole distance on the housing, which affects whether the recoil starter matches the machine. Still, because the housing is directly displayed in the line of sight, it is especially important to choose a nice paint job.

recoil start buying guide

Before purchasing, you need to determine the following information.

Confirm the type of recoil starter you need to purchase

Step 1: Confirm the model of your recoil starter– you can check the identification to confirm the model.

confirm the model of your recoil starterStep 2: Confirm the size– You can confirm the dimensions by measuring the diagonal hole centre spacing and the outer diameter of the starter core.
confirm the size
Step 3: Confirm shape– recoil starter has four shapes of round / D / hexagonal / Y. You can tell from the out looking.
confirm shape

If you are unable to confirm your needs, you can contact customer service and let us help you choose. BISON uses the highest standard of materials available on the market for all components of the recoil starter, and the proven production line allows for high quality production and 100% quality control before delivery so you don’t have to worry about product quality.Still, BISON has cooperated with many factories, allow us to provide products of all level. Salesman of BISON will help you to pick what’s best for you within your budget.

How to pick a better recoil starter?

If you need to buy a new generator recoil, then we have put together this buying guide.

The thickened casing protects the whole recoil starter better, the conventional casing thickness is around 0.6mm, the thickened 0.8mm thickness ensures that the recoil starter is not easily damaged in case of a collision.

The nylon solid braided rope lasts longer and is less likely to break. Its excellent abrasion resistance makes the rope last longer than it would otherwise. Its recoil action allows for smooth starts time and time again without any extra effort on your part. Recoil starter ropes are available in various lengths. The length of the pull rope for generators varies from 1 m to 1.5 m depending on the model, and a roll of pull rope purchased separately is typically 100 m. The diameter of the generator rope varies from 0.3 to 0.6 cm depending on the model, with thicker pull cord being more suitable for higher power generators.

recoil starter rope

The ergonomic design of the handle is easier to handle than the embedded plastic handle, which is made of iron to prevent the handle from breaking and is more durable.

recoil starter handle

Determine your budget

Due to the different materials and processes, there are different levels of prices for pull-out trays on the market, so we recommend that you determine your budget and choose a more suitable product within it

China BISON recoil starter FAQ lists

A recoil starter first pulls a rope attached to the crankshaft, which drives the engine. Each crank creates an opportunity for the engine to fire, and the spring-operated reel retracts the rope to store it after the engine fires or to prepare it for another tasteful start.

The starter has a long spring inside that releases when you pull the cord. The spring then recoils on itself and pulls the rope back into the starter and onto the recoil starter. A simple clutch or lever/pawl allows the recoil starter to grab the crankshaft in one direction only, so the recoil starter is free when the engine starts.

Grasp the spring between your thumb and index finger so that your index finger is in the center of the coil and your thumb is used to hold the coil at one point. Pull hard on the loose end of the spring. This will cause the coil to tighten in diameter while extending the loose end.

Starts a small internal combustion engine in which a rope wrapped around a recoil starter is pulled to start the cycle and rewound by a spring

It is a simple process.

First, you need to consider or check some characteristics of the rope. For example, look at the length and diameter, then look at its resistance and price. If all these things are OK, you can choose that one. If you choose solid braided rope, it will have the biggest service life. Before you buy recoil starter rope, you must check the diameter of the engine. Also, you can check the length of the recoil starter rope.

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