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At BISON, we supply generators to multiple industries, and we’ve listed some of the most common uses of generators to illustrate how beneficial they are. This page lists our available inventory of generators. If you are interested in other types of generators, please view our entire inventory of gensets.

At BISON, we not only provide high-quality diesel generator products, but also provide customers with professional technical support and after-sales service to ensure you have a worry-free experience during purchase and use. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact our professional team, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


Diesel generators are frequently associated with backup power (i.e., backup emergency power), but they are versatile and can be used in a variety of industries. Diesel generators are generally stronger and more stable, and can be used in various harsh environments.


Generally, gasoline generators are easy to transport. These generators usually have wheels so they can be moved anywhere to provide power. Even smaller models may be handheld rather than wheeled, making them more mobile. Gasoline generators are usually less expensive than backup generators.

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BISON generator solutions

Generators have long been considered a must-have for many business owners and homeowners, thanks to their wide range of applications. They have provided reliable backup power for decades and have served as essential tools in a variety of environments. At BISON Generator Manufacturing Company, we pride ourselves on supplying quality generators to a wide variety of industries. To demonstrate the great value and versatility of these machines, we have compiled a list of some of the most common uses for generators.

At BISON China Generator Company, we understand the importance of a reliable power source and are committed to providing the best quality generators to meet the different needs of our customers. Whether you need a generator for your home, business or outdoor event, you can trust BISON to provide the perfect solution.

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components of generator

diesel engine

Diesel engine

The mechanical energy input source of the generator. Its size and output capacity determine how much power a unit can produce.



Generates electrical energy from the mechanical input provided by a diesel engine.

radiator and cooling system

Radiator and cooling system

Since heat is generated in various parts of the generator while the generator is working, the cooling system helps to remove the heat generated.

air filter

Air filter

The filter is composed of fibrous material that removes solid particles such as pollen, dust, and bacteria from the air.

fuel tank

Base and tank

The base provides structural base support. The fuel tank stores the fuel used by the generator and usually has enough capacity to run the generator for an average of 6-8 hours.

exhaust system

Exhaust system

Exhaust gas from diesel generators contains highly toxic chemicals that must be managed appropriately.

control panel

Control panel

User interface controls the generator, including start and stop controls, fuel gauge, phase selector switch, etc.

Generators: Everything you need to know

If you’ve ever had a power outage at home or any business site, you know how inconvenient it can be. It can be a game changer to have a  Chinese diesel generator on hand to power your house or construction site.

But the first step is how to choose the right size generator? It’s crucial to conduct research and ascertain your exact needs. It’s also important to understand some safety concerns that come with generators, such as the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Let’s dive deeper into how generators work, different types of generators, uses, advantages, disadvantages, and much more.

preppers some things to consider before purchasing a generator

Factors to consider before purchasing a generator

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a generator. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most important considerations that can help you make a decision.

Power requirements

The amount of power you require is among the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting a generator. You can answer this question by thinking about what to use generators for. A few small appliances may be powered by portable generators, which have a lower output. On the other hand, a standby generator can power your entire home.

Common use

It’s not only about how much power you need the generator to produce but also what you’ll be using it for. Choosing a generator to power your home during a power outage is very different from choosing one for a camping trip and a construction site. 

Fuel source

Generally, you can fuel your generator in three different ways. The options available depend on the type and specific generator model you choose. The most popular fuel for portable generators is gasoline generator from china

generators placed outside the house to work

Other important factors 

Before choosing the suitable model for you, consider which features are most important and which ones you can leave out. Here are some features to be aware of in generators:

  • Auto shutdown CO: This safety feature automatically shuts down your generator if dangerous levels of gas buildup are detected. This feature is essential to keep you and your family safe.
  • Electric start: Electric start doesn’t require you to pull the engine, just push a button to start the generator.
  • Auto start: If your generator is going to power your home in the event of a power outage, you may want to auto start. If the power to your home goes off, it will automatically turn on your generator.
  • Fuel gauge: When your generator has a fuel gauge, you can easily check it to see how much gas or propane is left so you know when to refuel.
  • Multiple outlets: With multiple outlets on your portable generator, you can plug in multiple items or appliances and spread out the wattage usage.
  • Low oil level shutdown: This feature automatically shuts off when the oil level drops below a certain level, protecting your generator from damage.
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Generator safety concerns

Before choosing a generator, it is important to understand the safety considerations involved. Like anything that produces exhaust gas, generators can get carbon monoxide poisoning. 
To be on the safe side while using generators, never run them in an enclosed space because they produce exhaust gas no different than cars or power tools. Using a portable CO detector is recommended to ensure exhaust gas doesn’t get into your living area. 

Final thoughts

When choosing a generator, performance, and safety are equally important considerations. The type of generator you choose affects your fuel costs, work flexibility, and safety.

At china BISON generator , we can help customers find the best generators for their needs. If you want to know more about generators, don’t hesitate to contact us online today.

generator FAQ lists

Most gas generators will run continuously for a few hours up to 24 hours. However, some portable gas generators have a large fuel tank. These generators are good enough to last a few days.

Never operate the generator inside or in a closed-off area. This includes a basement or garage, two spaces that can trap lethal levels of carbon monoxide. Keep the engine exhaust away from windows and doors, and keep the generator at least 20 feet away from the house.

Yes, it’s recommended to put the generator outside because the outdoors is the only safe place to use a generator. It’s an absolute must to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide.

In general, it is recommended that you limit continuous use where possible and allow the device to rest and cool down. This is the recommended practice.

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