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LPG carburetor kits

Need a reliable LPG carburetor manufacturer? We’ve got you covered. With 10+ years of industry expertise in China, BISON is an expert in the generator accessories manufacturing industry.

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Lpg Conversion Kit Carburetor for Gasoline Generator

The BISON LPG carburetor kit is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure the highest quality and performance for gas-powered engines.

BISON generator LPG carburetor kits:

Whether you’re looking for LPG carburetor kits/generator parts and accessories or components for a complete engine rebuild, we have the parts you need. Our full range of original parts is always available for fast and timely delivery. So if you need to buy generator parts, you can rely on BISON!

generator LPG carburetor kits: what is it for?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your generator with the BISON LPG Carburetor Kit. Experience the cost-saving benefits, enhanced performance, and environmental advantages of switching to LPG fuel today. Order your BISON Generator Parts now, and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have made the smart choice for their generator needs.

bison lpg carburetor kit beats ordinary carburetor

BISON LPG Carburetor Kit Beats Ordinary Carburetor

Cost Efficiency: LPG is typically cheaper than gasoline, resulting in significant fuel cost savings over time.

Reduced Emissions: LPG burns cleaner than gasoline, producing fewer harmful emissions and contributing to a healthier environment.

Extended Generator Life: LPG produces less carbon buildup, which can extend the lifespan of your generator’s engine.

What makes BISON LPG Carburetor Kit unique?

Exceptional Quality: Crafted using the finest materials and adhering to stringent quality control measures, our kit guarantees dependable performance and enduring durability.

Masterful Engineering: Our skilled engineers have carefully designed every element to ensure flawless compatibility with your generator, leading to uninterrupted operation and peak performance.

Outstanding Customer Support: At BISON, we take pride in our products and are dedicated to offering first-rate customer assistance for any inquiries or issues you might encounter.

what makes bison lpg carburetor kit unique

BISON LPG carburetor kits: A Comprehensive Purchasing Guide

At BISON, we recognize the significance of delivering dependable power solutions for our clientele. Consequently, we offer a wide range of LPG carburetor kits specifically created for generators. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the different LPG carburetor kit choices, their features and benefits, as well as information on manufacturing processes, pricing, and other essential details to support you in making an educated decision when purchasing.

lpg carburetor placed on the table

Types of LPG Carburetor Kits

Two primary LPG carburetor kit varieties are available:

Dual-Fuel Carburetor Kit: This kind permits your generator to operate on both gasoline and LPG, presenting versatility in fuel selection. It includes a manual switch for easy transitioning between the two fuel types.

LPG Conversion Carburetor Kit: This kit transforms your petrol generator, allowing it to run exclusively on LPG, which offers a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient fuel alternative.

Features and Benefits

Fuel Savings: LPG is generally more cost-effective than gasoline, resulting in significant fuel savings over time.

Environmentally Friendly: LPG burns cleaner than gasoline, producing fewer emissions and reducing your generator’s environmental impact.

Extended Generator Life: LPG burns cleaner than gasoline, resulting in less wear and tear on your generator’s engine, prolonging its life.

Reduced Maintenance: LPG leaves fewer deposits in your generator’s engine, reducing the need for regular maintenance and leading to lower overall maintenance costs.

display of bison lpg carburetor

Manufacturing Process and Quality Standards

We produce our LPG carburetor kits utilizing top-grade materials and precise engineering methods. By following rigorous quality control guidelines, we guarantee that every kit meets or surpasses the industry standards in terms of performance and longevity.

Pricing, Lead Times, and Minimum Order Quantities

The cost of our LPG carburetor kits is subject to the kit type and generator model. Reach out to our sales team for detailed pricing data. Generally, order lead times range between 2-4 weeks, although this may fluctuate based on order volume and material availability. One unit is the least amount you can order.

Delivery Choices

BISON company offers various shipping options such as land, air, and sea according to your geographic location and delivery preference. The size and weight of your order, as well as the shipping method you choose, will affect shipping costs.

Selecting the Right LPG Carburetor Kit

To choose the right LPG carburetor kit for your generator, consider the following factors:

Generator Model: Ensure the kit is compatible with your specific generator model.

Fuel Requirements: Determine your fuel needs and preferences, whether you prefer dual-fuel, LPG conversion, or tri-fuel options.

Budget: Consider your budget and weigh the initial cost of the kit against potential long-term savings from using LPG.

Potential Concerns

Setup: Although the majority of LPG carburetor kits include setup guidelines, it is advised to have a certified technician perform the installation for guaranteed functionality and security. If you have any questions, you can always ask us.

Upkeep: Periodic maintenance, including leak inspections and replacement of worn components, is crucial for achieving maximum performance and maintaining safety.

Compatibility: Always verify that the LPG carburetor kit is compatible with your generator model before purchasing.

In conclusion, BISON LPG carburetor kits offer an excellent solution to increase fuel flexibility, reduce operating costs, and minimize environmental impact. By considering the factors mentioned above and addressing potential concerns, you can make an informed decision when selecting the right LPG carburetor kit for your power generator.

LPG carburetor kits FAQ lists

An LPG conversion kit allows vehicles to use LPG fuel in addition to traditional fuels. It includes an LPG tank, vaporizer, injectors, hoses, and an electronic control unit. LPG is a cost-effective and cleaner fuel alternative that produces fewer emissions. Dual-fuel capability is achieved, allowing the use of gasoline/diesel or LPG fuel. This helps reduce fuel costs and environmental impact. Professional certification is required for safe and optimal performance.

Convert a petrol generator to run on LPG with a conversion kit containing a regulator, LPG carburetor or adapter, hoses, fittings, and other necessary parts.

LPG carburetors mix LPG vapor with air to create a combustible mixture for an engine. LPG stored in a tank is converted to a gas that flows to the carburetor. Before mixing with air, LPG passes through a regulator and vaporizer. Different jet sizes, calibration settings, and internal components are required for LPG carburetors, which should be used during conversions from petrol to LPG.

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