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100kva genset manufacturers & suppliers

100KVA genset manufacturers & suppliers

100 KVA genset ( 100kva generator set) is a genset capable of producing 100 kilovolt-amperes of electrical power. KVA is a unit of apparent power, the sum of real power (measured in kilowatts) and reactive power (measured in kilovolt-ampere reactive, kVAR).

As a professional manufacturer of generator sets, BISON understands the critical importance of uninterrupted power supply to your operations. That’s why we are proud to introduce the BISON 100 kVA genset – your ultimate reliable and efficient power generation solution. With a legacy of innovation and reliability, BISON gensets are trusted by industries worldwide to deliver consistent performance in the most demanding environments.





prime power

super silent type 100kva genset for hospital use

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230V/400V water-cooled genset for DEUTZ engine

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100kva trailer mounted diesel genset

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why choose
100kva generator sets

why choose
100KVA generator sets

Whether it is deployed as a primary power source in remote locations or as a backup system in case of grid failure, the 100 KVA genset offers many advantages.


high performance and reliability

Adopting advanced Chinese engine technology, it improves fuel efficiency while maintaining high efficiency level. Significantly reduces operating costs and emissions.


With an output power of 100 KVA, it can meet the needs of a wide range of applications, including construction sites, telecommunications infrastructure, hospitals, data centres, etc. Its versatility makes it suitable for both continuous and standby power requirements.



For applications with increasing power demand, genset systems can be easily scaled by paralleling multiple units to meet evolving requirements. This scalability ensures flexibility and future-proofing for different projects and installations.

ease of integration

Whether integrated into existing infrastructure or installed as a stand-alone unit, the 100 KVA genset offers seamless integration with control systems, automatic transfer switches (ATS), and monitoring equipment for efficient operation and remote management.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

It depends on what you want to use the genset for. For example, if you use it for prime power, the maximum load will be 80kW. However, if you use it for standby power, the maximum load is 90kW.

The size of 100 kVA gensets varies according to design and manufacturer. It is typically about 2.5 to 3 metres long, 1 to 1.5 metres wide and 1.5 to 2 metres high.

The maximum current that can be produced by a 100 kVA generator depends on the system voltage. For example, at 400 volts (typical voltage for a three-phase system), the current is approximately 144 amps (100,000 VA / (√3 × 400V) ≈ 144A).

Diesel consumption for a 100kVA generator set at full load is typically 20 to 25 liters per hour. However,

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100kva gensets purchase guide

100 kva gensets purchase guide

100kVA gensets are pretty versatile, and they’re pretty reliable too. They’re a great way of keeping the lights on in your home when the power goes out, and they also keep businesses up and running. You can even use them to power events and construction sites.

A 100kVA diesel genset is perfect for medium-sized power needs. This article will show you how to choose a 100kVA genset that’s right for you. Read on to make an informed decision!

how to calculate your total power requirements

First, work out how much power all the devices and appliances will need. This is usually in watts or kilowatts (kW). 1 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) is roughly equivalent to 0.8 kW.

For example:

If you run an industrial facility with the following loads:

  • 3 motors, each requiring 7 kW of running power (starting power may be around 21 kW due to inrush current)
  • 10 computers, each consuming 0.2 kW
  • 5 air conditioners, each requiring 3 kW with a starting surge of 9 kW
  •  Lighting requires a total of 5 kW

The total running power is: 3 x 7 kW + 10 x 0.2 kW + 5 x 3 kW + 5 kW = 45 + 2 + 15 + 5 = 67 kW

The total starting power would be higher due to inrush: 3 x 21 kW + 5 x 9 kW + 2 kW + 5 kW = 63 + 45 + 2 + 5 = 115 kW

The running load is within the 100kVA limit, but the starting power is higher. You may need to stagger the start times of large equipment to ensure the genset can cope with peak loads.

factors to be considered while purchasing a 100 KVA genset

fuel type

Diesel gensets are more efficient, have a longer life, and are more available. They cost more to buy and require more maintenance. They are noisier and have higher emissions.

Natural gas genset are cleaner, cheaper, quieter, and have lower emissions. However, they have a lower power density than diesel, are dependent on natural gas supply infrastructure, and have an expensive initial setup cost.

genset types

Standby gensets: For when the grid goes down. Starts automatically when the grid loses power and shuts down when power is restored. Used as a backup power source for homes, businesses and industry.

Prime gensets: For when the grid is unavailable or unreliable. Can handle heavy loads and are used where grid power is unavailable or unreliable.

Single-phase vs. three-phase gensets: Single-phase genets are for smaller loads, like homes or small businesses. Three-phase gensets are for larger loads, like factories.

voltage regulation

Voltage stability is critical, especially for sensitive electronic equipment. Look for gensets with the following features:

Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to maintain a stable output.

Tight voltage regulation specifications, typically within ±1% stability.

noise level

For customers in residential areas or noise-sensitive environments, reducing noise is critical. Choose gensets with low decibel (dB) ratings with sound enclosures, critical-grade mufflers, or sound barriers.


cooling system

Air Cooling: Simpler and cheaper. Suitable for small or portable gensets.

Water Cooling: More effective for larger gensets, provides better temperature control, and supports longer run times. However, the initial cost and maintenance costs are higher.

control panel features

Evaluate the genset’s control panel and monitoring features. For enhanced safety and convenience, look for intuitive controls, remote monitoring capabilities, and automatic shutdown functions.

fuel efficiency

Evaluate the fuel efficiency of the 100kva genset you are purchasing, especially if you expect continuous or long-term operation. A more fuel-efficient genset can save significant costs over time.

emission compliance

Make sure the genset meets local and national environmental rules, like EPA (US), Stage V (EU), and other regional standards.

size and portability

Portable models offer flexibility for temporary sites or changing needs, but power capacity and run time may be limited compared to fixed units.


why choose BISON 100kva genset manufacturers & suppliers

BISON is a reliable 100kVA genset manufacturer and supplier. Trusting BISON guarantees powerful performance, comprehensive warranty coverage, and reliable support.

  1. comprehensive warranty:  All BISON 100kva gensets come with a one-year warranty.
  2. readily available Support: With a network of authorized service centers and a dedicated customer support team, BISON ensures you get timely assistance and regular maintenance services.
  3. advanced engines: Our BISON 100kva gensets are powered by the latest engines, from diesel to natural gas. We offer a range of engine choices to suit your needs.
  4. user-friendly: Easy to use with a friendly interface and simple controls. The auto start/stop feature and remote monitoring keep it running smoothly.
  5. safety first: With the built-in automatic shutdown system and overload protection function, the user’s personal and property safety can be protected without any worries.

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