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Cummins gensets

diesel gensets Fabrication

The BISON gensets manufactured by Cummins gensets factory adopt advanced fuel system and emission control technology to achieve the goal of low fuel consumption and low emission, reduce operating costs, provide stable and reliable power output, and meet the needs of various application scenarios.

Cummins generator sets manufactured by BISON are suitable for various occasions, such as industrial, commercial, medical, data centers, communication base stations, oil and gas and other fields, providing reliable power protection for different industries.

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Why choose Cummins Diesel Gensets

BISON China Diesel gensets, also known as diesel generator sets, are power generation systems that use cummins engines to generate electricity. They are widely used in a variety of applications, such as providing backup power for buildings and facilities, powering construction sites, and serving as primary power sources in remote locations. Diesel gensets are known for their durability, reliability, and efficiency, making them a popular choice for emergency power and off-grid power generation. They are available in a wide range of sizes and power output capacities, making them suitable for a variety of applications. In addition, diesel gensets are relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective solution for power generation needs.

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Cummins diesel genset for performance

BISON diesel gensets manufacturing service has the following advantages. First of all, we have adopted the high-performance diesel engine produced by Cummins to ensure that the genset has excellent fuel efficiency and long-term durability. Secondly, our generator set adopts advanced control system, realizes intelligent monitoring and fault diagnosis, and improves the operation stability of the equipment.

In addition, we provide customers with customized solutions, designing and manufacturing generator sets suitable for various scenarios according to their specific needs.

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Perfect Cummins genset after-sales service system

At cummins gensets company, we value customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. In order to ensure that customers can fully rely on our Cummins diesel gensets manufacturing services, we provide a full range of after-sales support, including technical consultancy and equipment repair maintenance.

We have a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals ready to help our customers with any issues and ensure their equipment is always running at its best.


Cummins gensets: Power Generation Solutions

As an industry-leading diesel genset manufacturer, BISON company prides itself on its quality Cummins diesel generator manufacturing services. With years of industry experience and a professional technical team, our is always committed to providing customers with the most advanced and reliable generator set solutions to meet various industrial and civil needs.

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High Quality Standard

In the manufacturing process of Cummins generators, strictly abides by international quality standards, ensuring that each generator set is precisely designed, finely processed and strictly tested. Using Cummins engine as the power core, Cummins generator sets have been widely recognized for their excellent fuel efficiency, low emission and stable performance.

Customized service

In order to meet the needs of different customers, provides various models of industrial generators sets with a wide range of power, from small portable generator to large industrial-grade gensets, you can find products suitable for various purposes. In addition, BISON also provides customized services, designing and manufacturing unique generator sets according to customers’ special requirements.

  1. Professional technical support: BISON Gensets has an experienced and skilled professional team that can provide you with a full range of technical support to ensure the performance and stability of the generator set.
  2. Customized design: According to your actual needs and application scenarios, we can tailor a unique generator set solution for you to meet your electricity needs in different occasions.
  3. High-quality raw materials: We use top brand Cummins engines and other high-quality accessories to ensure the performance, reliability and durability of the generator set.
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving: Cummins Gensets generator sets adopt advanced energy-saving technology and low-emission design, comply with international environmental protection standards, and provide you with green and environmentally friendly energy solutions.
  5. Flexible customization cycle: Whether your customization needs are large-scale projects or personal needs, we can provide you with satisfactory customization solutions in a short time.

Through BISON’s customized service, you can get a generator set that really meets your needs, and enjoy our professional technical support and perfect after-sales service. We always adhere to the service concept of customer first, and provide you with high-quality and efficient customized services. Choose Cummins Gensets, let us tailor the best power generation solution for you.

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A good after-sales service

Cummins gensets manufacturing service also includes a full range of after-sales support. From installation, commissioning to maintenance and repair, our professional team is always highly responsive to ensure customers get the best experience and continuous performance during use.

  1. Rich product line: BISON provides various types of generator sets, including diesel, natural gas, biofuel and other fuel types, covering various power ranges to meet the needs of different customers. Whether you need electricity for household use, commercial use or industrial production, BISON can provide you with suitable solutions.
  2. Customized service: We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, so BISON provides customized services to ensure that your generator set can perfectly adapt to your specific needs. From design and manufacture to installation and commissioning, we will work closely with you to create the best energy solution for you.
  3. Efficient after-sales service: BISON attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, including 7×24 hours technical support, regular maintenance, troubleshooting and parts replacement, etc. Our professional technicians will solve problems for you in time to ensure that your generator set is always in good operating condition.
  4. Training and support: In order to help customers better understand and use our generator set products, BISON also provides comprehensive training and technical support. Our training courses cover the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and other aspects of generator sets, ensuring that your team can quickly acquire relevant knowledge and skills.

Choose Cummins genset service, you will enjoy professional, efficient and comprehensive energy solutions. We always adhere to the concept of customer first and wholeheartedly provide you with the best quality products and services. BISON, your reliable energy partner.

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Choose Cummins Gensets Manufacturing Services

Cummins generator sets provide exceptional customer service. Our team is always committed to providing the best possible support and guidance to ensure you have the best experience when buying and using your generator set. This means that no matter what problem you encounter, BISON’s professionals are always there to help you with generator set maintenance and repair.

Choose cummins generator set manufacturing, you will enjoy excellent quality, environmentally friendly production, rich industry experience and excellent customer service. Together, these advantages ensure that you make an informed decision when purchasing a BISON generator set. So, when you are considering purchasing a generator set, don’t hesitate to choose China BISON genset company and let them provide you with the best quality solution.

Cummins gensets FAQ

The frequency of maintaining your generator may differ based on its make and model, but as a general rule, it should be serviced either every 6-12 months or after every 500 hours of operation, whichever occurs first. For portable generators, it’s essential to change the spark plug every 100-150 hours!

What is the purpose of gensets? Numerous sectors rely on gensets for power supply and backup electrical support. Additionally, gensets help maintain the temperature of refrigerated cargo during transportation on roads when there is no access to shore or ship power. The necessity for gensets varies based on a business’s operations and geographical location.

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