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30 kva genset manufacturers & suppliers

30 KVA genset manufacturers & suppliers

30 KVA genset (30 KVA generator set) is a power genset capable of producing up to 30,000 volt-amperes. These gensets are commonly used in various applications where reliable backup or primary power is necessary, such as construction sites, residential areas, commercial buildings, events, and industrial facilities.

As a professional 30kva genset manufacturer and supplier., BISON understands the critical importance of uninterrupted power supply to your operations. Whether running a construction site, managing a commercial enterprise, or organizing an event, having a reliable power source is non-negotiable. We’re proud to introduce 30 KVA genset – a strong and dependable solution made to satisfy your various power requirements.





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30kva FAWDE powered silent diesel genset

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30kva yangdong diesel engine gensets

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24kw 50hz DEUTZ outdoor portable diesel genset

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30kva cummins mobile diesel genset

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why choose
30 KVA genset 

why choose
30 KVA genset

Ideal for a variety of power needs, 30 kVA gensets offer an ideal balance between power output and manageable size.


What are the benefits of choosing a 30 kVA genset?

Choosing a 30 kVA genset ensures that you have a reliable source of power that meets your specific needs while combining power, portability and cost-effectiveness.

Balanced power and portability

Unlike the larger 100kva gensets, the 30 kVA genset offers significant power output while still maintaining a certain portability, making it easier to transport and install.



From backing up basic household circuits to powering high-demand equipment in the workplace. The 30 kVA genset is versatile. It adapts well to different environments and power requirements, making it a reliable choice for a variety of applications.

Cost-effectiveness In many

cases, the 30 kVA genset strikes a good balance between the initial investment cost and the power output provided. It provides the ability to meet a variety of needs without the higher costs associated with larger industrial-grade genset. For many users, it is an affordable choice.

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engine brand

engine brand

As a reliable 30kva genset suppliers, BISON is honored to have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many internationally renowned brands, and their excellent power systems are widely used in our gensets.

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Maintaining your 30 KVA genset is essential to ensure its reliable performance and longevity. Here are some maintenance tips to help you keep your genset in top condition:

Regular inspection

Examine your genset visually regularly, looking for corrosion, leaks, or damage. Pay attention to components such as hoses, belts, and connections.

Fluid testing

Regularly check oil, coolant, and fuel levels and top them up as needed. Ensure you use the oil and coolant recommended for your specific genset model.

Oil and filter changes

Change the oil filter and engine oil at the recommended intervals per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Because dirty oil can cause engine parts to wear and tear, it is imperative to keep the oil clean.

Cooling system maintenance

Inspect the radiator and cooling system for any blockages or leaks. Clean the radiator fins and ensure proper airflow to prevent overheating. Check the coolant level and condition regularly.

Battery maintenance

Ensure the battery terminals are clean and securely attached, and inspect them for corrosion. Check the battery voltage periodically and replace the battery if necessary. Keep the battery charged to maintain battery health.

Fuel system inspection

Inspect the fuel lines, filters, and injectors for any signs of clogging or leaks. Drain any water or contaminants from the fuel tank and replace the fuel filter as needed.

Air filter replacement

Change the air filter at regular intervals to ensure proper airflow and combustion. An obstructed air filter can affect fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Exhaust system maintenance

Check the exhaust system for leaks, corrosion, or damage. Make sure the exhaust pipe and muffler are securely attached and free of obstructions.

Control panel and electrical components

Examine the electrical connections, wiring, and control panel for corrosion, damage, or loose connections. Also, check the operation of switches, gauges, and alarms regularly.

Load testing

Perform periodic load testing to ensure the genset can handle its rated capacity. Running the genset under load helps identify any potential problems with efficiency or voltage regulation.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

Always refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and the guidelines outlined in the genset’s user manual. Following these recommendations ensures proper maintenance and optimal performance of your genset.

Qualified technicians should install a 30 KVA genset according to local regulations and manufacturer guidelines. This includes selecting an installation site, connecting fuel and electrical lines, and ensuring adequate ventilation.

Using this power factor: 30kVA x 0.8 = 24kW. Therefore, a 30 kVA genset is equivalent to 24 kW.

The formula for converting kVA to kW is kW = kVA x power factor, which is usually 0.8 (or 80%) for most generator sets.

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30 KVA gensets purchase guide

30 KVA gensets purchase guide

Choose right 30 KVA genset is essential to meeting your power needs. A quality genset keeps your equipment up and running, reduces the risk of power outages, and maintains efficiency. The wrong genset can cause failures, increase costs, and damage your equipment. This guide will help you choose the right 30 kVA genset.

how to calculate your power needs

Before purchasing a 30 kVA genset, it is critical to assess your electrical needs. First, list all the equipment you plan to use together by consulting the equipment’s labels or manuals. For example, conventional equipment such as refrigerators (800 watts), air conditioners (2,000 watts), and lights (300 watts) total 3,100 watts, considerably less than the power of a 30 kW genset. Then, totalling the watts, calculate your total operating watts. It is critical to consider the initial wattage of equipment, especially equipment such as air conditioners and electric motors, which consume more power at start-up than when they are running.

load types

Different load types will have different requirements for the genset. The 30kva genset is stable when handling resistive loads (such as electric heaters, and ovens), and can also effectively support inductive loads (such as electric motors, air conditioners).

  • Resistive loads have a constant power draw and do not require additional startup power.
  • Inductive loads are appliances with coils or motors that typically require higher startup power.
  • Capacitive loads are some electronic devices and power supplies that can store electrical energy and create a surge when first turned on. Less common in a typical home environment.

choosing the right 30 kva genset: a comprehensive guide

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right 30 kVA genset for you.

portable vs. standby

While not having the power stability of a standby genset, portable gensets are mobile and can be used in different locations. Ideal for temporary power needs, and are generally cheaper.

fuel types

Diesel is known for its durability, fuel efficiency, and long engine life, making it ideal for heavy-duty, continuous use. While not as cheap as gasoline, natural gas burns cleanly. However, diesel remains the most common fuel for 30 kva gen sets.


Try to choose those gensets that have reputable engines to ensure reliable service support and that the engine can handle peak loads efficiently. Don’t forget to look for fuel-efficient models to reduce running costs.


Brushless alternators tend to be more durable and require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts. If you need power-sensitive appliances, look for a genset with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to ensure a steady power output.

control panel

For easier operation and use, look for features such as remote monitoring, digital display (showing voltage, current, frequency, and running hours), engine status indicator, and automatic transfer switch (ATS) for backup.

ooise level

Check the decibel (dB) rating to compare the noise level when used in residential areas. Consider using a genset with soundproofing or enclosure design, although they are generally more expensive.



If you don’t want to face fines, it’s best to check compliance with local EPA and other environmental regulations. Diesel and natural gas generally have lower emissions than gasoline.

single-phase vs. three-phase

Single-phase gensets are suitable for residential and light commercial applications. Three-phase gensets provide more power and are widely used in heavy industrial equipment or large facilities.

air-cooled vs. water-cooled

Air-cooled is simpler, noisier at high loads, less efficient, and suitable for most portable 30kva gensets. Water cooling is more efficient, quieter, suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use, and more expensive.

voltage and frequency

Confirm that the 30kva genset is compatible with local electrical standards. If you are unsure of the voltage and frequency standards in your area, consult your local power grid company.


The price of the 30kva genset varies according to features, brand, and power output. The cost includes installation cost and operating cost. First consider the installation cost of the standby genset, and the largest subsequent expenditure is fuel consumption.


Selecting the right 30kVA genset requires a thorough understanding of a variety of key factors. Evaluating your specific power needs and understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of 30kva genset,China BISON aim to provide reliable power solutions that empower businesses, communities, and individuals worldwide. With a decades-long legacy, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the power genset industry, known for our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation.

Why choose BISON as your 30kva genset manufacturer

When you choose a 30 KVA genset from BISON, you’re not just investing in a power genset– you’re investing in peace of mind. What makes us stand out from the competition?

Robust design

Our gensets are designed to thrive in the harshest environments. Built with rugged construction and using only the finest materials, our manufactured 30kva gensets can withstand the rigors of continuous operation, ensuring reliable performance when you need it most.

Extraordinary performance

Our 30kva gensets are powered by internationally recognized brands of engines and alternators that deliver outstanding performance, unrivaled efficiency and extremely low fuel consumption. Whether you are powering a construction site or a business, we can provide you with stable and reliable power.a

Advanced features

We know that simplicity and convenience are paramount. That’s why our 30 KVA gensets are equipped with several advanced features, including digital control panels, automatic voltage regulation, and remote monitoring capabilities. With intuitive controls and seamless integration, operation and maintenance are made easy and simple.

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility in everything we do. Our gensets comply with the latest emission standards and use environmentally friendly technologies to minimize our impact on the environment, ensuring that your power generation needs are met responsibly and sustainably.

Comprehensive support

When you choose us, you are not just buying a product, but a partnership. From initial planning and setup to ongoing maintenance and technical assistance, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you in every way. You can rest assured that BISON is looking after your power needs.

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