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10 kva genset manufacturers & suppliers

10 KVA genset manufacturers & suppliers

10 KVA genset is the most preferred diesel gesnet. BISON selected technologies in designing genset maintain durability and improve performance on site. This model’s added advantage lies in its design and unmatched performance.

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why choose
10 KVA gensets

why choose
10 KVA gensets


Advantages of using a 10kVA genset

Compact and portable

10 kVA genset are usually designed to be compact and portable, with wheels and handles for easy transportation. They can be easily moved and installed in different locations as needed. They are easy to use, which is especially beneficial for temporary facilities and construction sites.


10 kVA genset are usually more fuel-efficient than larger capacity genset. Ensuring that you get enough power without unnecessary fuel costs.


Easy to maintain

10kva genset have simple mechanical structures and smaller sizes, so regular maintenance tasks are simple and can usually be completed without specialized equipment or long downtime.

Noise level

10 kVA genset are designed with noise reduction technology to ensure quieter operation. This makes them suitable for use in residential areas and environments where noise pollution is a concern.


Multiple 10 kVA genset can be used in parallel to gradually increase capacity, avoiding large upfront investments in a single higher capacity genset.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

10 kVA (kilovolt-ampere) genset is a power generating unit that can provide up to 10,000 VA. Are typically used in residential, commercial, or light industrial environments to provide back-up power in the event of a power outage or to supply power to an area that is unreachable by the power grid.

This equates to 8 kW of available power. For a 10kVA genset, has a power factor of 0.8, the actual power output in kilowatts (kW) will be 0.8 times 10 kVA.

10 kVA single-phase diesel gensets are powerful enough for most homes and businesses. They can safely operate one refrigerator, microwave, two televisions, one kettle, six lights, three laptops, two air conditioners, one monitor, and one printer simultaneously.

The proper genset size depends on the number and type of appliances you plan to run. Here are some examples of device power usage for comparison:

  • Air conditioner: 1500-3500 watts
  • Clothes dryer: 4000 watts
  • Dishwasher: 2400 watts
  • Drill: 700 watts
  • Hair dryer: 1500 watts
  • Kettle: 2400 watts
  • LED light: 11 watts
  • Microwave: 700-1000 watts
  • Phone charger: 5 watts
  • Refrigerator: 50-100 watts
  • TV: 30-200 watts
  • Toaster: 1000 watts
  • Washing machine: 900 watts
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10 KVA gensets purchase guide

10 KVA gensets purchase guide

In today’s world, reliable electricity is essential for personal and business operations, and reliable backup power is essential. 10 KVA gensets (10 kva generator set) are a versatile and efficient solution, providing 10 kilovolt-amperes of power output, suitable for powering multiple household appliances, small office setups, and essential business operations during main power outages.

This purchasing guide aims to cover the key aspects to consider when purchasing a 10 KVA genset. From power requirements, fuel type, efficiency, and specific features suitable for your setup, this guide aims to help you make an informed choice to perfectly meet your power needs.


calculating power requirements

Accurately assessing your power needs is the first step in choosing the right genset. Here’s how to effectively calculate your power needs.

list the wattage of common appliances

First, it’s important to list the wattage of all the appliances you plan to power with your genset. The following table lists typical wattages for common household appliances:

ApplianceRunning Wattage (W)Starting Wattage (W)
Air conditioner10003000
Light bulb (60W)6060
Microwave Oven10001000

Starting wattage vs running wattage

Start-up watts are the power requirements when the unit is switched on. It is usually 2-3 times the operating power. For example, a refrigerator runs at 1500 watts, but starts at 4500 watts.

estimate total power requirement

Add up the power of all the appliances you plan to use at once. Also, make sure the maximum starting power is included so that peak demand can be handled.

Total power required = operating power + maximum starting power.

If you plan to run a refrigerator (200W), a light bulb (60W), and an air conditioner (1000W), the total operating power is 200W + 60W + 1000W = 1260W.

Air conditioner needs 3000W, so the total power required is 4260W.

load types: resistive and inductive loads

Resistive loads include appliances like light bulbs and heaters that use constant power. Inductive loads include appliances with motors that have higher starting currents than running currents. They therefore require a higher starting power. By considering both types, you can ensure that your genset can effectively handle both continuous and peak loads.


factors to consider when selecting a 10 kva genset

Choosing the right 10 KVA genset is critical to ensuring your specific power needs are met without overloading the system or wasting resources on unnecessary capacity.

fuel type

Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than petrol engines and can run longer on less fuel. 10 KVA diesel gensets are powerful, last longer and are suitable for heavy use. Diesel engines are noisier than other types of fuel. This can be a disadvantage in residential areas. Natural gas and propane gensets are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is the reliance on pipeline supply. They are best suited for fixed settings.

silent vs mobile

silent gensets are perfect for permanent installation in residential areas with their quiet operation and weatherproof housing. Mobile gensets equipped with wheels and handles for easy transportation, they are ideal for use between locations. Due to design limitations, power output may be slightly lower than fixed models.

running time

When making an assessment, the running time of a full tank should be considered. This determines how long the genset can run continuously. Our range of 10kva gensets can provide 7 hours of mains or standby power at 75% load. Please consider whether you should choose one based on your running time and capacity.


Depending on your location, the more remote, the higher the shipping costs will generally be. While the initial purchase cost is high, consider the long-term savings of a reliable backup power source. Factors include: 10kva diesel gensets may cost more upfront, but can save fuel in the long run. Evaluate maintenance needs and costs over the life of the genset. Include fuel, oil changes, and potential repair costs.

features tailored to your needs

With these factors in mind, for your comfort now and in the future.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

ATS allows power to be automatically switched to the genset in the event of a grid failure, and then switched back to the grid when power is restored.

Automatic Control

Automatic control automatically starts and stops the genset based on power demand, providing convenience and reliability.

LCD display and remote monitoring

The genset is equipped with an LCD for real-time monitoring and diagnostics. A remote monitoring feature allows performance and status to be tracked from a mobile phone or computer.

Safety Features

  • Overload Protection: Prevents damage by shutting down the genset when the load exceeds its capacity.
  • Low Fuel Shutdown: Automatically stops the genset to avoid damage when fuel is critically low.
  • Emergency Stop Function: Allows for quick shutdown in emergencies.


When choosing a 10kva genset, factors such as fuel type, portability, runtime, cost, customised features and more should be given due consideration to ensure it meets your needs and provides long-term reliability.

If you are looking for reliable 10kva genset manufacturers, BISON invites you to contact us. We can provide customised solutions to meet your specific power needs. What are you waiting for? Contact BISON right away!

Why choose us as your 10kva genset supplier

Fuel efficient: we 10kva genset is designed to comply with CPCB regulations. The diesel engine makes the entire range of gensets more economical, as fuel is readily available and ideal for heavy-duty work.

Low vibration: Generating minimal vibrations, its low noise level ensures stable operation. Its canopy has a robust design to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Aesthetics: It is available in different colors to meet the demands of our customers, and its flawless design makes it more prominent and famous in the market.

Electrical safety: Cable connections are doubly secured to reduce accidental leakage through inadvertent touching or water intrusion.

Ease of maintenance: Maintenance work can be done daily as the wide door allows easy access to the genset and repair work if required.

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