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Yangdong gensets

Yangdong genset Fabrication service

BISON diesel gensets is a leading global genset manufacturer focused on providing customers with innovative and high-quality energy solutions. In Yangdong business field, Yangdong genset manufacturing business enjoys a high reputation in the industry, providing reliable, efficient, and economical power solutions for all walks of life.

The BISON genset manufacturing plant in China has a world-class production facility using advanced technology and strict quality control to ensure that each genset meets the highest performance and safety standards. Yangdong gensets cover various types from small domestic use to large industrial applications, such as diesel gensets, natural gas gensets and dual-fuel gensets, to meet the needs of different customers.

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Why choose Yangdong Gensets

BISON’s Yangdong gensets manufacturing business has won the trust and praise of many customers around the world. As a responsible enterprise, Yangdong has always been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, and the low emission and low noise characteristics of its generator sets have been widely recognized. In addition, with its excellent after-sales service and technical support, BISON ensures that customers can enjoy a worry-free experience during the purchase and use process. 

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Performance Yangdong Diesel GenSet

Yangdong diesel genset adopts advanced fuel injection technology to ensure full combustion of diesel, reduce fuel consumption and save operating costs for you.

Yangdong series gensets manufactured by Yangdong company have high output power and can meet various commercial and industrial needs. From small businesses to large construction sites, Yangdong diesel gensets provide stable, continuous power.

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Perfect Yangdong genset after-sales service system

Yangdong genset manufacturing company provides a full range of after-sales service, including product installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance, etc. The company has a professional technical team and after-sales service center, which can provide customers with timely and efficient services.

Yangdong generator set manufacturing company can provide personalized products and solutions according to different needs of customers, including power, brand, configuration and other aspects. The company can provide customers with customized services to meet the different needs of customers.


Yangdong gensets diesel Gensets Purchasing Guide

Having an efficient genset is essential when faced with unstable power supplies and sudden blackouts. When looking for a genset that suits your needs, the Yangdong genset produced by China Genset is undoubtedly a choice worth considering. This guide will detail how to choose the best model for your needs.

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What is the difference between the Yangdong genset made

The difference between Yangdong diesel genset manufactured by Yangdong and other brand generators is mainly in the following aspects:

  1. Engine brand: The generator set manufactured by uses diesel engine, while other brand generators may use different engine brands, such as Cummins genset, Perkins genset, etc. The performance, stability and reliability of different brands of engines may vary.
  2. Efficiency: The Yangdong diesel generator set manufactured by Yangdong is famous for its high efficiency and low fuel consumption rate. Compared with other brand generators, it may have lower operating costs under the same power output.
  3. Noise level: Yangdong diesel generator set adopts advanced noise control technology to make it produce low noise during operation. Compared with generators of other brands,  Yangdong generator sets may provide users with a more comfortable operating environment.
  4. Price: Since Yangdong diesel generator set uses a well-known domestic brand engine, its overall cost is relatively low, and the price is more competitive than some international brand generators. This makes Yangdong generator sets more popular in the market.
  5. After-sales service: Yangdong diesel generator set manufactured by provides a full range of after-sales service support, including technical guidance, maintenance and so on. Compared with other brands of generators, after-sales service may be more complete and convenient.
  6. Customization options:  Yangdong diesel generator sets provide rich customization options, such as control system, enclosure type, etc., to meet the needs of different customers. Other brands of generators may not be as flexible as Yangdong generator set in terms of customization.
placed in the used bison yangdong generator

Advantages of Yangdong diesel genset:

The Yangdong diesel generator set manufactured by BISON has the following significant advantages:

High efficiency

Yangdong diesel generator set adopts advanced technology and design to ensure high efficiency and long-lasting performance. This means it is able to provide the maximum power output in the shortest amount of time, reducing energy loss.


strictly controls the quality of its products to ensure that each generator set has been rigorously tested and reviewed. This enables Yangdong diesel generator sets to operate stably in various environments and working conditions, providing a reliable power supply.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Yangdong diesel generator set adopts environmentally friendly Yangdong engines, which meet international emission standards, reduce exhaust emissions, and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, its low-noise design ensures that the noise level is effectively controlled during operation.

Easy maintenance

Yangdong diesel generator set has a compact design, which is convenient for users to carry out daily maintenance and inspection. In addition, Yangdong also provides professional after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers get timely help during use.

Wide application

Yangdong diesel generator set is suitable for various scenarios, such as industry, commerce, construction, agriculture, mining and other fields. Its high performance and reliability make it ideal for a wide variety of projects.

yangdong diesel generator set manufactured by bison 2


The reason why customers choose the BISON gensets manufactured is that BISON provides a full range of after-sales services. We understand that purchasing a generator set is a long-term investment and customers need to ensure that their equipment is maintained and supported in a timely and professional manner. To this end, we have set up a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with 7×24 hours of technical support. Whether it is equipment installation, commissioning, or daily maintenance, or troubleshooting, we will provide customers with the best solutions.

In a word, customers choose the generating sets produced by BISON because of our excellence in quality, energy-saving performance and after-sales service. We are always committed to providing high-quality diesel generator sets and services to make customers’ investments worthwhile.

Yuchai genset FAQ lists

Yangdong generator sets are famous for their high efficiency, energy saving, low emission and reliability. They adopt advanced design and manufacturing technology, with small size, light structure and excellent performance.

When choosing a Yangdong generating set, you need to consider the power load, operating environment, voltage requirements and other specific needs. Professional sales or engineers can be consulted, and they will recommend suitable models according to your needs.

First, you should consult the user manual or contact a professional technician to find out the possible cause of the failure. If it is some common problems, you can follow the troubleshooting guide. For more complicated faults, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel or a service center authorized by the manufacturer for repairs.

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