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Generator silencers are an easy way to eliminate annoying noise from portable generators. Made in China BISON, enjoy our high-quality service.
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Generator silencer manufacturer in China

Generator silencers made by BISON can silence your portable generator. We are the only custom silencer on the market, 100% made in China. You can expect around 15% less exhaust noise without loss of power and performance. A silencer will make unbearable noise more bearable. We have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide simply because it works!

Whether you’re looking for silencer/generator parts and accessories or components for a complete engine rebuild, we have the parts you need. Our full range of original parts is always available for fast and timely delivery. So if you need to buy generator parts, you can rely on BISON!

Generator silencers - How Do They Work?

Silencers for petrol generators are vital parts of the equipment that minimize the sound to tolerable and suggested levels. Some silencers achieve this by taking in the sound waves and then discharging them at a significantly lower energy level, while others decrease the overall noise emitted from the generator chamber by allowing the sound to ricochet between chambers.
There are three basic types of silencers:
reactive muffler

Reactive silencers

These generators are designed with an interior structure that comprises up to three interconnected chambers, linked by a conduit. The sound produced by the exhaust ricochets within these chambers, thereby significantly diminishing the volume of noise that eventually escapes from the exhaust. Reactive silencers are typically employed for reducing noise levels from low to moderate.

Absorptive silencers

Silencers of this type feature an internal structure fortified with E-glass or fiberglass insulation. The noise from the exhaust is mitigated as it traverses these insulating materials, which soak up a significant portion of it. These silencers are typically employed to diminish high-frequency acoustic waves.

absorptive muffler
combination muffler

Combination silencers

The construction of these generators, as implied by their name, includes both reactive and absorptive silencing features. The reactive silencer’s chamber design houses an absorption material, which significantly cuts down the noise. These silencers are effective in diminishing sounds across mid, low, and high frequencies.

generator Silencer Purchasing Guide

Commercial, industrial, and urban environments have widely adopted diesel generators. They are highly regarded as dependable alternative power sources during both expected and unexpected power failures. Their weather-resistant capabilities, efficient operation, economical fuel usage, and strong power output make them a preferred option for establishments that heavily rely on power.

In an effort to minimize noise, diesel generators are equipped with generator silencers. These components serve a similar noise-reducing role for combustion engines as the silencers used in automotive or construction engines. They are mainly designed to decrease the noise and exhaust emissions generated during combustion.

generator muffler and its kit

The role of the generator silencers

The primary role of the generator silencers is to diminish the sound produced when the generator is in use. Here are some reasons why a generator silencer might be necessary:

Mitigate Noise Pollution: Generators create substantial noise while functioning, potentially leading to noise pollution in the nearby environment. This noise can be efficiently minimized with the help of silencers.

Safeguard Hearing: Continuous exposure to high-decibel noise could harm an individual’s hearing. The use of a silencer can decrease this risk.

Increased productivity: Working in a noisy environment can affect one’s concentration and productivity. Using silencers can create a quieter working environment.

Compliance with regulations: Many regions have regulations regarding noise control, and the use of silencers can help meet the requirements of these regulations.

So if you use your generator a lot and want to reduce the noise of its operation, you may need a generator silencer.

vertical bison muffler

The Crucial Role of Silencers in Diesel Generators

Silencers are standard features in most engines, serving to decrease the overall noise produced by these machines. Without silencers, the persistent engine noise throughout its operation could result in intolerable disturbance and distraction for those nearby.

This holds true for diesel generators as well. In commercial or industrial environments, where generators may need to operate for extended periods, the noise they emit could diminish worker productivity. In residential urban settings, the incessant noise could annoy both homeowners and neighbors, making the generator’s use during power outages quite challenging.

The optimal solution is to utilize generators equipped with superior-quality silencers or generator silencers. These reduce the noise to acceptable levels, allowing the generators to operate without disrupting or impacting those in the vicinity.

Generators that produce high noise levels can contribute to noise pollution, and prolonged exposure to such noise can negatively affect people’s health by inducing stress, anxiety, and various ailments. By choosing low-noise generators equipped with proper silencers, you can mitigate both of these issues.

portable generator with muffler

Sound Ratings for Generator Silencers

The noise level produced by a generator is quantified in decibels (dB), a unit of measurement used to express the ratio of one physical property to another, depicted on an algorithmic scale. The classifications for silencer ratings fall into four fundamental categories: industrial, commercial, residential, and hospital. During this early period, there was significant variation in the sound dampening capabilities of silencers. The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) addressed this inconsistency by introducing a standard rating guide for all member manufacturers. These ratings, which are now universally adopted, include:

  • Industrial Grade: Lowers exhaust noise by 15 to 20 dBA
  • Residential Grade: Reduces exhaust noise by 20 to 25 dBA
  • Critical Grade: Decreases exhaust noise by 25 to 32 dBA
  • Super Critical Grade: Minimizes exhaust noise by 30 to 38 dBA
  • Hospital Grade: Dampens exhaust noise by 35 to 42 dBA
  • Hospital Plus Grade: Suppresses exhaust noise by 35 to 50 dBA
  • Extreme Grade: Cuts exhaust noise by 40 to 55 dBA
  • Super Extreme Grade: Mitigates exhaust noise by 45 to 60 dBA
strategies to maintain a low noise generator operation

Strategies to Maintain a Low-Noise Generator Operation

Proper maintenance and servicing are critical factors for the optimal function of any machine, including diesel generators. Regular inspections of the oil level, air filters, and spark plugs are essential for their smooth operation.

By keeping your generator in good condition, you can also ensure a lower noise level. A neglected generator tends to vibrate excessively, resulting in increased noise that even silencers may struggle to control.

Additional Methods to Minimize Generator Noise
While silencers are designed to lessen the noise produced by generators, the following strategies can help decrease the noise further when operating a generator:

  1. Choose a BISON generator that meets all your requirements
  2. Point the exhaust pipe in the opposite direction or upwards
  3. Position your generator at a greater distance from your building
  4. Set it on a soft surface
  5. Utilize sound deflectors
  6. Build a muffler box around the generator
  7. Use water as a muffler

Generators serve as a valuable backup during power outages, but they can be notably loud. Silencers help to make the noise from generators more tolerable.

If you have any inquiries or concerns about generator silencers, or if you’re interested in exploring our range of new and used generators, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

generator Silencer FAQ lists

In the realm of generators, the silencer operates similarly to how a muffler functions in engines used in automobiles and construction scenarios. They both minimize the noise and exhaust emissions generated during combustion.


A slip-on silencer for a generator serves the purpose of reducing noise emitted by the generator. It targets the root of the noise – the duct fan of the generator that creates loud vibrations during operation. Silencers are available for both portable and larger generators, so ensure to purchase one that suits your generator’s size.

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