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21 anti-theft tips for portable generators

BISON will introduce you to some helpful tips and learn more about the methods and tips to prevent generator theft and damage. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Theft is one of the most common crimes in the world, and when it happens to a generator, it can be even more devastating. Power generators are expensive equipment that runs on fuel-powered engines, so they constantly need fuel. This makes them a good target for thieves who want to resell them. Therefore, China BISON will present several ways to protect portable generators from theft deterrents.

Why protect generators against theft

In situations where power is unavailable, desperation might set in. Having a generator in such circumstances could make you the center of envy in your neighborhood, and it may even tempt some to pilfer your unit. To counteract this, BISON generator suppliers should make your generator immovable as a deterrent since most thieves are opportunists who go after easy targets. If your generator proves difficult to steal, they’ll likely move onto something less secure.

21 anti-theft tips for portable generators

Ways to secure portable generator from theft

1) Protecting it from day one is very important

A common mistake people make when purchasing generators is not taking care of them in hopes of installing safety measures the next day. However, it’s easy to steal it the next night.

You can save yourself the trouble of losing your generator, even if you never use it.

2) Fence the area around your generator

You can also put a fence around the portable generator. The basic type of fencing is simple and does not require any extras.

You can make your fence more reliable and robust by using strong fencing wire. A motion sensor can also be added to your portable generator to notify you of movement.

3) More lights in the generator’s area

This is an easy way to ensure safety around your generator. Burglars prefer to avoid well-lit areas so that they will avoid them.

A combination of motion sensing and solid lights can be used to make it more challenging to reach. To ensure an uninterrupted experience, the lights must be powered by a generator and grid.

4) Installing an alarm system

A CCTV camera can be installed to alert you if anyone approaches the portable generator. If you are not there to answer the alarm, it will scare off the thief.

5) Storage boxes for your generators

Because of their limited access, storage boxes can be mounted on specific generators. They protect them from vandalism and theft. A custom storage box can be ordered for your generator or as an aftermarket option.

fence the area around your generator

6) Take off the wheels

While the wheels on your generator are handy for turning it around, they are also helpful for a thief who wants to steal it, especially if you are not using it or keeping it stationary. You can protect your generator by removing the screws and placing them on wooden blocks or other safe surfaces. This will make it challenging for a thief to steal your generator.

7) Block access to the generator

Although fences and other barriers can help protect the generator, they should not be used to prevent access.

Although it sounds simple, many people find it difficult to access these items. Some large generators cannot be removed from the site. You can also block it by placing other heavy machinery.

It’ll be difficult for thieves to take it away once stolen. Other machinery may be used to block the generator path. Make sure the generator has adequate ventilation.

8) Suspension generators and Hinge it

Portable generators can be hung from cranes on construction sites when not in use. This is not a fancy construction technique, but it is an effective way to keep thieves from getting to the generator. If you have another viable method, hitch it up.

9) Drain your generators of fuel

You can refuel your generator before storing it. This will ensure that the fuel in the generator stays fresh.

This can cause problems if the generator does not start or run correctly. It can also cause fuel deposits to build up over time.

10) Fuel safety

Although the main focus of generator protection is on the generator itself, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to prevent fuel theft. This is a common risk. A remote monitoring system is possible to help with this.

11) Steel plates and carriage bolts are recommended

Carriage bolts can be used for campers. These bolts are driven into the steel plate and are attached to the generator. The generator should be at least 2-3 feet away from the steel plate.

This extra space can then load the vehicle onto a plate with wheels attached to it. It takes work to steal.

Do not intentionally damage the generator within two feet of a parked vehicle. Ensure that the exhaust is kept away from the tent to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

generator plugged into outlet on lawn

12) Make sure to keep the generator details

If the generator is stolen, you must provide details such as the model number, serial number, and other information. They will be able to track it very quickly.

It’s the best way for law enforcement to identify stolen equipment. Make sure you write down or document your generator’s serial number.

You can also enter the serial number into an internet database to increase your chances of recovering stolen goods.

13) Use a lock and key combination

A fence around your generator will help deter thieves and vandals. But, if you lock it up, it will be more secure.

A lock not equipped with a chain and a standard lock will not help you, as thieves can easily cut them in seconds.

Instead, choose complex locks and chains that require at least one grinder to cut. It’s doubtful that thieves will have a torch to steal your generator.

14) Engage security

You can physically maintain the generator to make sure it is safe. You can see this when setting up camp to ward off thieves and rogues. You can also hire a guard or guard dog to help you at home.

15) Use a power outlet alarm

A power outlet alarm is also called a power surge alarm or a power socket alarm. This is a device or tool that plugs into a socket.

It’s activated when the generator runs out of fuel, the power supply is turned off, or it is unplugged. The generator may still run, but it’ll work.

16) Add a GPS tracker

You can also add a GPS tracker to your generator to help locate it after it is stolen. No one will find the GPS tracker attached to the generator.

A thief wouldn’t bother looking for a generator in the first place. This will allow you to return the generator. We suggest you inform the police and find out together.

17) Add a mark to it

If the generator is recovered by the police or used by someone else, the mark you attach to it’ll allow you to identify it. It can be used to deter thieves. This method won’t work against vandals.

You don’t necessarily need to follow all the steps to have a safe generator. Keeping all these details secure and watching them when you use them at home or on a camping trip is essential.

preventing generator theft while camping

18) Don’t make a big deal about it

It’s best to keep your new generator out of sight.

The more people see your expensive generator, the more likely thieves in the neighborhood will try to steal it from you.

19) Camping safety standards

When people go camping and leave their generators outside without security, they are often stolen.

Attaching your portable generator to something heavy is the best way to keep it safe.

You can hook up your generator to the RV if you have one.

You can install a cable alarm if you want to keep your generator in the open.

20) Inverter generator anti-theft

The only way to prevent theft of inverter generator while camping is to use the plastic clips that usually come with it.

These clips are not particularly strong and will pop open with a hand movement. You can get iron brackets to protect your generator.

These brackets prevent the generator casing from being easily opened.

On the other hand, thieves can still pick it up and escape.

Heavy-duty chains and locks can be used for added security.

21) RV safety measures

Almost every RV camper has a portable generator. They use it to charge computers and smartphones, heat water and cool RVs.

Install a cabin for your portable generator in the back or front of the RV, then lock it up. Make sure to leave your generator outside the RV with taking precautions.


Experiencing theft can evoke a range of emotions. The material loss might cause sadness, and there could be a sense of guilt stemming from the thought that preventive measures could have been taken.

BISON portable generator manufacturer recommends you: Check out BISON’s portable generator theft prevention methods to customize a security plan for your portable generator to minimize the chances of it being stolen. While it may require some effort, the payoff will be huge. Your main goal should be to fortify your generator to send a clear message to potential thieves that stealing it won’t be easy.

Once they realize the risks involved, it will likely deter them and prompt them to seek easier targets.

China BISON anti-theft generator

BISON China ODM Generator Supplier, BISON top-of-the-line generators are equipped with state-of-the-art anti-theft features to give you the most peace of mind possible.BISON generators also feature robust security to prevent unauthorized access and theft. The advanced anti-theft system includes unique key activation, GPS tracking, and a tamper-resistant enclosure to ensure your generator is always right where you left it.

Never worry about the security of your power source in remote or unattended locations again. Invest in one of our anti-theft generators and enjoy uninterrupted power while keeping your equipment safe. Not just power, but power with confidence!

prevent theft & damage to portable generators FAQ

If your generator has been stolen, you will need to act immediately. You can start by telling it to the police and giving them all relevant information, including proof of purchase or serial number, to ensure they stop reselling.

Also, check insurance policies, as some may cover this theft!

Finally, keep an eye out online for used generators being sold at questionable prices and ask if anyone knows of one being sold under the table.

There are many steps you can take to protect your generator from theft. Simple ways to keep it secure include chains, locks, personalized stickers, or even ground anchors!

Avoid operating your generator during rainy or harsh weather conditions as the combination of electricity and water can lead to electrical shocks. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, consider employing a temporary cover for wet weather or construct a permanent shield for your generator.
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