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how to Installing wheels to a generator

After reading, you’ll not only understand the importance of wheels on your generator, but you’ll also have an in-depth guide to installing them seamlessly.

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In the world of generators, power is key, but mobility is the unsung hero that ensures seamless energy wherever it’s needed. Whether you’re a construction site manager aiming for efficiency or an outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure without sacrificing comfort, the answer lies in enhancing your generator’s mobility. And the solution? Adding wheels to your generator.

That’s where generator wheels come in, transforming your trusty generator from a powerful hunk of metal into a portable powerhouse. Suddenly, that backup power becomes accessible, convenient, and ready to tackle any power outage, anywhere.

After reading, you’ll not only understand the importance of wheels on your generator, but you’ll also have an in-depth guide to installing them seamlessly.Get ready to unlock the full potential of your portable power source and roll towards a world where darkness is never an obstacle, just a minor inconvenience easily wheeled away.

Are you ready to unleash the power of mobility? Then let’s dive in!

how to installing wheels to a generator

How to replace generator wheels

The BISON generator wheels will come with complete instructions. However, the following tips and tricks will help with the installation of the generator wheels.

Double-check that you have the correct instructions for your wheel proper make and model.

Make sure your generator is empty of fuel and oil before starting.

Consider, if it’s safe to do so, placing the generator on a high surface so it’s easy to work on – the tailgate of a truck, for example.

Consider using a little soap and water for extra lubrication to make the protective rubber sleeves, and grips slide more easily over the metal tubes.

When attaching the handle, ensure the screws are tight enough to be secure and safe but still loose enough for ease of movement.

Wipe down your generator, removing any dirt or debris that might hinder the attachment of brackets and wheels. A smooth surface ensures a secure fit.

how to Installing wheels to a generator

If you need to move your generator or want to avoid loading and unloading it from your vehicle, you can put wheels on your portable generator. Most portable generators come with a four-leg tubular steel frame that is used to turn the generator. However, you will need to purchase a set of wheels that are compatible with your generator model. You can find these wheels at most home improvement stores. Once you have your wheels, follow these steps to connect them to your generator.

If you are adding wheels to a portable generator, you first need to remove the feet or other base that the generator sits on. With the base removed, you can use bolts or other fasteners to attach the wheels to the generator. Before moving the generator, make sure the wheels are properly secured.

1) Purchase or modify existing wheels

The first step in installing a wheel for your generator is deciding what wheels to use. When choosing wheels, you can use off-the-shelf wheels or wheel assemblies, or you can modify your bike tires to fit the axles.

2) Make the spindles using the drilled holes

The spindle connects the two wheels, moving as one unit, allowing you to maneuver your setup easily. Make spindles from steel pipe or threaded rod.

To do this, mark where you want to drill the holes based on your axle and tire measurements. You’ll want 3-4 inches on centers when drilling holes in threaded rods and 4-5 inches for steel pipe.

  • After adding several washer nuts between each hole:
  • Slide it in and connect the two ends with a lock nut.
  • Make sure all pipes are in place before continuing.
  • If they are not, adjust until they are perfectly straight.

3)  Trim the hubcaps with a pipe cutter

Attach all four pieces to your axle, leaving about 1/8 inch of play. Next, use a pipe cutter to trim each hubcap about 1/2 inch. This step allows you to move more when needed without compromising stability.

Carefully apply silicone lubricant to prevent rust from forming during storage or transportation. Now that you have your wheel kit ready for the generator, you must install it.

4) Create a frame for your generator

create a frame for your generator

This frame serves two purposes: to protect your engine from damage and to provide a sturdy platform to attach your wheel kit. Depending on what materials you have lying around, you can use wood or metal to make it.

5) Mount the wheel kit to the generator frame

Evaluate the generator structure to determine the best attachment points for mounting the wheels. Ensure wheels are mounted for maximum stability and balance. When selecting mounting points, ensure that the weight is distributed in an even amount. Enables smoother movement and reduces stress on the generator frame.

To assemble your wheel kit, use angle iron cut-offs and weld them in place on both sides of your generator frame and each wheel assembly.

After welding them, you can mount each wheel using axle bolts or carriage bolts (again with nuts and washers). Make sure each wheel is centered on its axle and can spin freely.

Finally, secure everything together by holding each wheel straight while rotating it and ensuring they are straight and even with each other. And while doing so, ensure all your wheels have an even weight distribution. If one wheel does not have enough weight, it can cause instability.

6) Test

Test your newly built wheel kit by raising the generator off the ground to level ground. There should be no rocking or wobbling after mounting.

installation of generator wheels

advantages of wheel to the generator

1) Allows easy storage and transport

A wheel is an easy way to move your generator around when needed. These kits are usually relatively light and straightforward, but they make it easy for you to transport your generator from place to place without much extra effort.

2) Maintain a balanced weight

Without wheels with your generator, sometimes uneven ground can cause it to tip forward or backwards. However, there is no need to worry about properly balancing the weight with a set of wheels, as the weight will always be perfectly balanced.

3) Protect your generator from rust and corrosion

A significant problem with generators is that they are very exposed and susceptible to rust or corrosion. With a wheel, you can move your generator around more efficiently, giving it less exposure to moisture and other contaminants in your area. This means it will be less likely to rust and deteriorate.

4. Cost savings

The initial cost of installing a wheel is much less than purchasing a brand-new generator. Since your existing generator continues to work, you can continue to use it in addition to adding mobility.


Adding wheels to your generator is a simple yet highly impactful endeavor that will open up endless possibilities. It brings benefits beyond convenience and turns your generator into a reliable mobile power solution. Embracing mobility allows your generator to tackle any challenge. Your journey to a more energized and efficient power source begins with a set of wheels. Let the power roll!

easy-to-install generator wheels

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to enhance your generator’s mobility, we’re excited to introduce you to BISON generator accessories manufacturers easy-to-install, durable generator wheels that will take your generator to the next level.

BISON generator wheels are precision-crafted to ensure a perfect fit with a variety of generators. Designed for durability and performance, these wheels can handle any terrain and give you the mobility your generator deserves.

If you’re still a little confused about the installation process, don’t worry because BISON offers personalized one-on-one instruction to guide you through the installation of our wheels. Our team of experts is always ready to help you to ensure a smooth and successful modification.

Empower your generator, embrace mobility, and make power accessible wherever you go. Take the first step towards a more versatile and efficient generator—upgrade to BISON premium wheels today!

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