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Yangdong 20kw towable mobile gensets

The engine and generator of the 20kw traction generator set are strictly tested and designed to ensure its high reliability and long life. Traction generator sets are usually installed on trailers, which makes them very easy to move between different locations to move between. Traction gensets are often water and dust resistant, making them suitable for outdoor environments such as construction sites and field tasks.

According to the needs of users, BISON generator sets can choose generator sets with different output power. Meet all usage requirements.

In order to reduce noise pollution, you can choose to install a sound hood to reduce the noise generated when the generator set is running.

By installing a remote monitoring system, users can remotely and real-time monitor the operating status, fault alarm and other information of the generating set.

BISON provides customized regular maintenance and maintenance services to ensure long-term stable operation of generator sets.


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Yangdong 20kw towable mobile gensets manufacturer

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BISON gensets company is a manufacturer of Yangdong 20kw traction mobile generator. The generator adopts Yangdong engine, which has excellent performance and reliability. Its power is 20 kilowatts, which is suitable for various working scenarios. In addition, it also has the advantages of low fuel consumption and low noise, providing users with efficient and stable power support. BISON has been working hard to provide customers with high-quality generator sets and excellent services. Our technical team has a wealth of experience and expertise to provide a variety of customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.

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custom Yangdong 20kw towable mobile gensets

BISON Company is a leading company specializing in customized genset services, committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance and high-stability power generation solutions. We know that each customer’s needs are unique, so our professional team will customize the most suitable generator set according to the specific needs of customers.

At BISON Corporation, we value customer satisfaction. From the design and manufacture of generator sets to installation and maintenance, we always adhere to the principle of customer first. Our experienced engineer team provides reliable technical support for Yangdong 20kw towable mobile gensets.

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Choose BISON’s Yangdong 20kw towable mobile gensets, you will get continuous after-sales support and guarantee. We provide regular inspections, maintenance and system upgrades to ensure your power generation equipment is always in top condition. As an industry leader, we always pay attention to the latest technologies and trends in the industry in order to provide you with the most cutting-edge power generation solutions.

In a word, BISON company is your trustworthy customized genset service manufacturer. With our professional knowledge, rich experience and customer-oriented service concept, we will bring you the most satisfactory power generation solutions. Contact us now, let us tailor an exclusive power generation system for you! 

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