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model: BS-DT30
TÜV rheinland
rohs compliant

24kw 50hz DEUTZ outdoor portable diesel genset






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Power your outdoor projects with BISON’s rugged 24kW diesel gensets

As a trusted genset suppliers in China, BS-DT30 is manufactured specifically for construction, rental and event customers who require reliable temporary power.

Designed to provide reliable power for a variety of outdoor projects, the BISON 24kW 50Hz DEUTZ outdoor portable diesel genset is engineered to operate smoothly even in demanding environments. Designed for resilience and efficiency, it’s perfect for outdoor applications.

Construction Sites: Keep your construction projects on track by providing reliable power for essential items like cranes, welders, concrete mixers, and more.

Events and Festivals: Uninterrupted power! Easily transported and positioned thanks to its compact design and rugged construction. 24kw 50hz portable genset ensures seamless operation of critical infrastructure such as sound systems, lighting equipment, food stalls, and more at concerts, festivals, and outdoor gatherings.

Emergency Response: 24kw outdoor diesel genset provides critical power for communication systems, medical equipment, and lighting in disaster-affected areas. Ensures continuity during power outages to keep essential services running.

Remote Operations: Ideal for mining sites, oil fields, and other remote operations, 24kw 50hz diesel genset ensures continuous power in areas without access to the grid. Its durability and performance are tailored to meet the demanding conditions in remote locations.




24 KW power output: DEUTZ outdoor portable diesel genset provides ample power to operate a variety of appliances, equipment and machinery, ensuring your operation runs smoothly even in the most challenging conditions.

50hz frequency: Compatible with applications designed for 50Hz electrical systems, ensuring versatility and adaptability to a variety of power requirements.

Advanced control panel: The control panel makes it easy to operate and monitor your generator set’s performance, ensuring you’re always in control of your power.

Choose a reliable gensets suppliers

In today’s highly competitive dealer market, offering the right products is critical to success. By strategically incorporating 24kw outdoor portable diesel genset into your products, you can support your customers, solidify your reputation as a reliable power equipment provider, and achieve greater success in the dealer market.

Our professional technical team ensures reliable product quality and superior performance. Not only that, to solve your worries, we can provide you with timely pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services to help you choose the most suitable products and solutions plan.



rated power 24 KW / 30 KVA
voltage 220 V / 380 V
frequency 50 HZ
Phase / Wire 3 Phase / 4 Wire
Power Factor 0.8
engine & emission
engine type BFM3-G2
type Water-cooled, inline, 4-stroke, direct injection
prime power 29 KW
intake type natural
no.cylinders 4
bore × stroke 98 × 105 MM
displacement 3.168 l
100% prime power fuel consumption 7.7 L/H
brand model BS184G
prime power 24 KW / 30 KVA
power efficiency 88.50%
voltage regulation ≤ ±1
excitation type brushless
insulation class h
model HGM6120
dimension 3600 × 1500 × 1750 MM
weight 1300 KGS




how we test the diesel gensets


We always get genuine and original engines from regular channels.

purchase engine


We always use the most sophisticated cutting instruments to cut sheet metal.

sheet metal cutting


The welding workers have 20+ years of experience and the welding points are flawless.



Professional spray and baking booths are used to color the silent covers.

spray paint


Paste sound insulation cotton with a thickness greater than 3cm on the silent cover.

paste silent cotton


BISON brand brushless AC alternator is made by ourselves

alternator assembly


Connect engine and alternator.

semi finished genset


Establish a connection between the line and the controller.

install controller


Check whether the internal wiring is intact and working.



Assembling the silent cover after cutting and painting.

soundproof producing


Every genset would be tested in the testing center.

test center


Every genset would be tested for more than 30 minutes.

genset testing

Stick BISON or OEM logo lable.

stick logo


Packed with pearl cotton and stretch film.


Loading is carried out by experienced forklift workers to ensure that every machine is in good condition.




※  Our commitment:

Dear customer, many thanks for considering our generator. We have firm confidence in the quality and performance of our products, so our warranty is more than just an oral promise or a document, it is our commitment to quality. We will work tirelessly to ensure that every generator you own is rigorously tested and carefully manufactured!

※  Warranty time: 2 year after B/L date.

※  Warranty coverage: Non-human factors, the damage caused by machine its own quality problems.

※  How we fulfill our warranty:

Situation 1  Conveniently replaceable spare parts are damaged within warranty time→We provide new spare parts free of charge and ship them with your next order.

Situation 2  Quality problem with small batches withnin warranty time: You give your customer a new generator for free→We would give you a discount in your next order corresponding to the amount of the severely damaged generator.

Situation 3 Quality problem with big batches if you buy Bison brand within warranty time: You give your customer a new generator for free firstly→We would send technicians to your country to repair these machines for you free of charge.

Situation 4 Quality problem with big batches if you buy your own brand within warranty time: You give your customer a new generator for free firstly→We would compensate you in batches in future orders.

OEM Service

※  Design team size: 10 designers.

※  What can we design for you: sticker, carton, logo, poster…

※  Design time required after receving your deposit

Sticker desgin: within 2 days

Carton desgin: within 2 days

Logo: within 1 day

Poster: within 1 week



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