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homepower generator – 5.5kw key start petrol generator
model: BS6500SM
tüv rheinland
rohs compliant

5.5kw key start petrol generator

5500 watts
power tools diy
1 year warranty

within 25 days delivery time after receiving the deposit!

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Choose a 5.5 kW push-button start petrol generator from the makers of BISON petrol generators for unrivalled performance, reliability and versatility.

The BISON BS6500SM is a professional grade petrol generator designed for a wide range of applications such as construction, events and home standby power. It is a powerful, reliable, easy to start and use generator.

Other specifications:

  • Engine type: 4-Stroke, OHV, Air-Cooled
  • Engine model name: BS190F
  • Bore x stroke: 90 x 66 mm
  • Engine displacement: 420 cc
  • Engine speed: 3000 (50 Hz) / 3600 (60 Hz) RPM
  • Fuel tank capacity: 25 L
  • Oil capacity: 1.1 L
  • Continuous operating time: 9.5 hours
  • Net weight: 80 kg
  • Gross weight: 87 kg



key start and recoil start

The 5.5 kW petrol generator offers two options, a convenient electric key start or a traditional reliable recoil start, ensuring flexibility to meet any user preference or situation.

Designed with mobility in mind, the BS6500SM is fitted with built-in wheels and handrails, making it easy to transport and place wherever power is needed.

With a maximum power of 5.5 kW, the BS6500SM can provide enough power for a wide range of appliances and equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, power tools and more.

reliable and durable silencers

The BS6500SM is equipped with a muffler to help reduce noise levels, making it a more user-friendly choice for residential and commercial applications.

The BISON 5 kW petrol generator control panel is intuitively designed and simple to operate, allowing the user to easily monitor performance and manage power output.

The BS6500SM has been designed to optimise fuel consumption and maximise efficiency, resulting in cost savings for the end user and a reduced environmental impact.

13.5kw 2-cylinder power generator petrol-detail


rated power 5.0 KW
maximum power 5.5 KW
Phase single-phase / three-phases (optional)
AC voltage depends on your country’s voltage
single-phase AC amperage running power ÷ using voltage
three-phase AC amperage running power ÷ using voltage ÷ 1.3856
frequency 50 / 60 HZ
continuous operating time 9.5 h
engine & emission
engine type 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled
engine model name BS190F
bore × stroke 90 × 66 MM
engine displacement 420 CC
engine speed 3000(50 Hz) / 3600(60 Hz) RPM
recoil start yes
electric start optional
winding material 100% copper winding
power factor 1.0 (single-phase) / 0.8 (three-phase)
fuel system
fuel tank capacity 25 l
oil capacity 1.1 l
carton dimensions (no wheels & handles) 755 × 570 × 605 MM
generator net weight 80 KGS
carton gross weight 87 KGS



The open frame type gasoline generators above 5 kilowatts should choose this option.

wheels & handles

easy to move the generator


The open frame type gasoline generators above 5 kilowatts should choose this option.

electric & remote start

easy to start the generator


The customers who have high-end pursue of generator should choose this option.

digital display

easy to monitor the generator


The generators above 7 kilowatts or have three-phase voltage should choose this option.

industrial socket

power for industrial use


When you take generators as backup power, you could choose this. ATS is not necessary for small kilowatts.


automatically start without human intervention required



how we test the gasoline generator

flywheel clearance

Ensure the engine better store energy and inertia.

flywheel clearance

power debugging

Ensure the alternator could output current stably.

power debugging

fuel tank airtight

Ensure the stability and sealing of the fuel tank.

fuel tank airtight

motor air gap

Ensure the sealing of alternator is stable.

alternator air gap

cylinder head seal

Ensure the sealing of cylinder head is intact.

cylinder head seal

connecting rod torque

Ensure a stable connection between the connecting rod and crankshaft.

connecting rod torque

cylinder head torque

Ensure the cylinder head connection is stable.

cylinder head torque

box torque

Ensure the crankcase torque is correct and the same for each engine.

crankcase torque

air tightness test

Ensure the sealing of the engine is stable.

air tightness test

muffler tightening torque

Ensure the muffler connection is stable.

muffler tightening torque

comprehensive performance test

Ensure stable performance and output of the generator.

comprehensive performance test

pressure testing

Ensure the voltage of generator is stable.

voltage test

appearance final inspection

Ensure the generator has no cosmetic defects.

appearance final inspection

weighing check

Ensure we don’t miss any accessories in the carton.

weighing check


Well-packaged and ensure the safety of the generator.



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